What Is Domain Authority and How You Improve It? A Complete Guide

What Is Domain Authority

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority (DA) is the Search Engine ranking score developed by Moz and that forecasts how your websites rank on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

DA score ranges from 1 to 100. Higher the score means the greater ability to high rank. First, create your profile on a website that has high domain authority and provide your website link. Your link in these high domain sites will gain Google’s trust and get the benefit for the local SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

1. Google My Business

–          (DA 100) every local business should use Google My Business page which will be a benefit for the local SEO. Get the best benefit for your site from Google themselves. And make sure to fill out your site and local information perfectly in Google My Business to get a higher rank.



2. YouTube

–          (DA 100) YouTube is owned by Google. Create a YouTube channel and put your website link and get 1 backlink and also 5 on the channel page. This link is the best link; you will get from YouTube as well as social media sites.



 3. Twitter

–          (DA 100) Everyone knows about this site. You can’t say enough about Twitter. Another most popular website for your backlinks. Very easy to create your profile and put your sit’s link. Twitter is the most trusted platform.



4. Facebook

–          (DA 100) Facebook is one of the most used sites and trusted sites in the world. So get a link from Facebook. When every business starts, they must create a Facebook page and so should you.



5. LinkedIn

–          (DA 100) LinkedIn is the most popular site for meeting and networking with business-minded individuals. LinkedIn has 100 Domain Authority. Daily millions of people use this site to link out to their own sites and to meet with others.



6. Pinterest

–          (DA 100) Pinterest has a major part in social media sites and has higher domain authority. Create your profile on Pinterest and put your site backlink into the profile. Then verify that site. And pin your main site as well as other sites. This will make a greater effect on your website’s rank.



7. Reddit

–          (DA 99) Reddit is the most popular social bookmarking site. There you can create a free profile, and bookmark your website, this will give you a higher backlink from the higher DA website.



8. Vimeo

–          (DA 98)  Vimeo is the most popular video-sharing website just behind YouTube. The best benefit of the Vimeo site is that you can get a ton of backlinks by creating your profile. You can add your main site as well as your other sites too.



9. Tumblr

–          (DA 98) Tumblr is a huge powerhouse in the SEO world. Some call this Web 2.0. Tumblr is owned by Yahoo and it’s the bonus to get the backlinks from this website. It’s easy to create your profile and then start adding links. You can add your main site as well as your other website’s link. This will give you a huge social stack from the major website.



10. Instagram

–          (DA 97) Instagram is owned by Facebook. Now everyone has an Instagram app on their smartphone, this app helps you to add photos filter them, and make them look amazing. Create your profile from your smartphone on the DA 97 website and make sure to add your website as a backlink.



11. Disqus

–          (DA 97) Disqus is a main commenting system on websites like WordPress. It replaces the default commenting system in most sites. It’s the best chance to get a backlink from this site. Simply Make a profile in Disqus which has DA 97 and get a higher ranking.



12. SlideShare

–          (DA 95) SlideShare is basically a site for sharing your PowerPoint, PDFs, and keynote presentations. This site lets you link back to your site, and also link to your other profiles on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.



13. Dailymotion

–          (DA 94) Dailymotion is also one of the most popular video-sharing websites. Dailymotion is similar to YouTube and Vimeo video sharing sites. You can make a profile and a channel and get a backlink to your site. This site helps you to add other social media websites.



14. Yelp

–          (DA 94) Yelp is the most popular online review site for your local business. Every local business on the internet must have a profile in Yelp. This site lets you set up a free account, put your business and company information in the profile, and make a business on the Yelp site. This site helps your company to recognize online.



15. Soundcloud

–          (DA 93) Soundcloud is one of the most popular websites for an audio sharing site. This site lets you create a profile and get tons of backlinks and your other social media sites. You will get high power getting a backlink from this high DA site.



16. Diigo

–          (DA 92) Diigo is a social bookmarking website and has a high Domain Authority. This site lets you create a profile page and a company page. Then you can start to bookmark your main site as well as your other social media sites.



17. Behance

–          (DA 92) Behance is an Adobe website that lets you create designs to showcase your work. This site has a higher rank. Make a profile and put your main website’s link and get a high rank.



18. Scribd

–          (DA 92) Scribd is a popular book reading website. This site is best for profile linking. This site gives you a powerful high-domain authority link to your main site. You can also upload your notes and books which have backlinks in them and get a high power do follow the link. Every social media expert must use this site for a higher ranking.



19. DeviantArt

–           (DA 92) DeviantArt is basically for artists to showcase their amazing work. This is the most popular and creative site for artists. This site lets you make a profile that includes a live link point back to your main site.



20. About.me

–          (DA 90) About.me is a site for your creative writings. You can write anything about yourself as you want. When it comes to backlinks when everyone starts for backlinking campaigns for their own sites or for the client sites, they must use about.me site.

This site lets you make a profile and a backlink to your site. Also, you can write something about your business or company in it, which have also a backlink in it.



21. Moz

–          (DA 88) We all know about Moz and also Moz’s very popular and amazing Open Site Explorer that helps us to DA values of our site or other sites.

Moz site also helps you to create your profile and get a backlink for your main site as well as your other social sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc.



22. Crunchbase

–          (DA 86) If you are working for the client or for your own agency business, make a company profile on this site. You can add company team members, products, and more also you can get a backlink juicy from here as well.



23. Iconosquare

–          (DA 86) Engage and connect with the audience with Tool and Industry Leading Analytics. Try now! And uncover all Secrets in Social Media Analytics. Easy to use, Best-In-Class Analytics, and Trusted By top businesses and Agencies. You can get a backlink from there; Iconosquare lets you get backlinks from their page.



24. Scoop.it

–           (DA 86) scoop.it is a social bookmarking site. Super easy to make an account. Setup your account on Scoop.it. Make a profile and give you a power domain stacking monster.



25. Instapaper

–           (DA 85) Instapaper is one of the minimalist and cleanest bookmarking websites. You will love this site. This site lets you bookmark your links in the shape of clipped. Get a powerful backlink from this site.



26. Wattpad

–          (DA 79) At Wattpad there is a huge community of writers and readers. Maybe someone didn’t hear about the Wattpad site. But this site has a DA 79 and it’s good to have a profile on this site for higher rankings. Make a profile on this site and get a juice of backlink



27. Envato

–          (DA 78) One of the most popular online marketplaces for themes, plugins, stock images, and much more. This site lets you create your profile where you can add information about yourself as well as your main site’s backlink.



28. Rebelmouse

–          (DA 75) Rebelmouse is the content curation website and one of the top sites for the curation of content. Rebelmouse is just like Pinterest. You can add all of your sites to get the powerful juice and pass that juice to your other sites as well.



29. Authorstream

–          (DA 72)  authorSTREAM enables presenters to upload and share Keynote, PDFs, and PowerPoint presentations online. You can embed in blogs and convert them to videos and share on social media sites. Make your profile and get a backlink as well as make your presentation of PDF add your link in it.



30. Aboutus.org

–          (DA 72) AboutUs.org is the freely editable internet wiki domain directory. This site lists you to add your websites along with the information about their content. And tell about your site with AboutUs! You can also give your feedback, facts, and opinions on websites. Make your profile and add your site as well as in the content to get powerful juice.



31. Pearltrees

–          (DA 71) Pearltrees is also a Content curation website just like Rebelmouse. You can save everything on this site like web pages, photos, files, notes, and videos. Add your social profile and your main site and get powerful juice.


Note:  Some people are not making backlinks properly with these sites. When you are making backlinks don’t point out all your links to the homepage of your site. Send some links to contact us, about us and your services page. The reason is simply how power (link juice) is transferred through a website.

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