How SMBs Can Leverage Social Media for Achieving Success

When one is leading a multi-million dollar conglomerate, every issue can be solved with more money. Investing more, hiring more people, and offering monetary incentives for creative solutions are just some of the ways in which this works.

However, when one is ahead of an SMB or a startup, they are forced to be much more resourceful. In 2016, however, even their options are getting more numerous by the minute. An example of this is a chance to leverage social media for success.

How SMBs Can Leverage Social Media

Social Media for Achieving Success

1.     Semi-Automation

A lot of work can be quite overwhelming, which is why you need to try and automate whatever you can. For example, with the use of digital tools like HootSuite you can easily schedule your Tweets. All you do is prepare them and you don’t have to be there when they are tweeted.

Apart from saving you some time and effort, it is also incredibly useful for your audience in a different time-zone. Seeing how there are 500,000 million tweets every day, this will increase the chance of your one getting the most viewers.

2.     Think about Mobile Users

Since 2015, internet searches from mobile devices outnumber those made from the desktop. This means that the majority of your clients will access your website from their phones. In order to improve this experience for them, there are two things you can do.

The first one is to optimize your website for mobile users and the second one is to make an app. Needless to say, the second method is much more effective, but a lot of businesses make the mistake of assuming it is either complicated or expensive to do so. In reality, with the help of an adequate app maker, this really shouldn’t be an issue.

Seeing how they work on a drag-and-drop principle, you don’t even have to write a single line of code in the process.

3.   Profile Your Target Audience

One of the most important things for your social media success is that you deliver content relevant to your audience. However, in order to do so properly, you must first learn how to recognize who your target audience is.

There are several ways to do so and the choice is all yours. First, you can always make a short survey on your website, but in reality, popup surveys were never popular in the first place. A preferred alternative is to make a poll since it is quicker and more interesting to your visitors.

Finally, you can use digital tools such as Google Analytics in order to get some basic intel on your average viewer.

4.  Coordinating Different Channels

If you manage to observe different social channels as means to an end, this end being your website or blog, you are on the right path. In order to make good first few steps towards this, you need to make your blog’s content easily shareable.

For starters, you can introduce social media share buttons which will allow anyone to post your content on their profile with a simple click. Still, it is even more important that your content is something people will want to share.

For this, you need to establish trust with your readership, keep your topics simple and straightforward and even make it easy to email. Finally, if all else fails, controversial content is bound to bring you a ton of attention.


One last piece of advice, your social media presence is something you need to nurture day in and day out. It’s not just about posting or tweeting and then just waiting for your influence to grow.

You need to be constantly out there, listen to the feedback, and respond to it in the best possible way, even if it is negative (especially if it is negative). All in all, leveraging social media for your business’ success is a 24/7 job and it deserves to be treated as such.

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