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Top 10 Most Popular CMS by Market Share – {Updated}

Looking for the most popular CMS? if you want to build a Blog or Website, and you are the beginner, then CMS is the best option for you too, and question is, how do you find the most popular CMS is?

In this article, by statistically, we will share with you the popular CMS with Statistics by Market Share. We are using tools like Built With and W3Techs to decide which CMS came out on the top.

Let’s get started.

What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

A content management system (CMS) is software, which allows users to create, modify, and manage content on the website, without knowing about code.

Content Management System (CMS) makes easy for everyone to build their own blog or website. CMS handles all the infrastructures for you, instead of building the website from the scratch, only you have to add your content like article, images, and forms at the front-end of your site. Even beginners can make their sites very easily in no time, by using the Content Management System (CMS).

According to the Internet Live Stats, at present 1,676,199,250 websites online right now.

Quick statistics and content overview:

  1. WordPress (24+ Million Live Websites)
  2. Joomla! (1.8+ Million Live Websites)
  3. Drupal (581+ Thousand Live Websites)
  4. Shopify (785+ Thousand Live Websites)
  5. Squarespace (1.8+ Million Live Websites)
  6. Wix (3.3+ Million Live Websites)
  7. Magento (230+ Thousand Live Websites)
  8. Prestashop (240+ Thousand Live Websites)
  9. Blogger (430+ Thousand Live Websites)
  10. Typo3 (285+ Thousand Live Websites)

What is Market Share?

Market share is the part of the market that controlled by a particular company or product. This market share shows that over the competition how many people are using one product. Looking into the market share, we can easily decide that which is the most popular and best CMS is.

market share is defined by the percentages of the sites which are using various content management systems (CMS).

Now, let us look into the list of the most popular CMS by market share!


1. WordPress

Market Share: 60.4%
Total Live Sites: 24,808,989
Number of Sites at Top 1 Million: 318,828

Most Popular Sites: The New Yorker, TechCrunch, Microsoft News Center, Beyonce, The Official Star Wars Blog,
Top 3 Countries with Most Sites: United Kingdom, United States, Russia

WordPress is the best content management system with 60.4% of the market share. That means WordPress is running on 33.5% of all online websites. That’s huge!

WordPress is the free open-source software available to download freely from the website. Just you need to purchase a domain name and WordPress hosting to run your website to become available online for the users.

WordPress is friendly for beginners. You can easily make an online store, Blog, or Website with this content management system software. Customizing your WordPress site is very affordable and easy. WordPress offers many free plugins and themes to choose from.

There are 2 different types of WordPress CMS: and


2. Joomla

Market Share: 5.2%
Total Live Sites: 1,844,993
Number of Sites at Top 1 Million: 18,172

Most Popular Sites: Lipton Ice Tea, Holiday Inn, Linux, IKEA
Top 3 Countries with Most Sites: Germany, United States, Russia


In the market share, Joomla is the second popular CMS AT 5.2%. as you see, there is a huge difference between Joomla at 2nd and WordPress at 1st.

Like WordPress, Joomla is also an open-source and free CMS. by using Joomla, you can easily start your blog, community website, business website. You can easily download Joomla and the hosting providers offer 1-click installation.


3. Drupal

Market Share: 3.4%
Total Live Sites: 581,174
Number of Sites at Top 1 Million: 31,403

Most Popular Sites: Princess Cruises, Tesla, Lady Gaga, Timex, Bruno Mars
Top 3 Countries with Most Sites: Germany, United States, Russia

In the list of Top CMS Platforms Drupal has 3rd place with 3.4% of the market share.

Drupal is in 3rd place on the list of most popular CMS with 3.4% of the market share.

This Content Management System is open-source and free software that can be used to build a website. Drupal offers free and paid themes and modules to design a site. However, Joomla is difficult to install as compared to WordPress. Moreover, adding, the content to the Drupal is very easy but changing the design website is difficult to process as compared to other CMS Platforms.


4. Shopify

Market Share: 2.7%
Total Live Sites: 785,397
Number of Sites at Top 1 Million: 22,196

Most Popular Sites: Kylie Cosmetics, Red Bull, Fashion Nova, Penguin Books
Top 3 Countries with Most Sites: Australia, United States, United Kingdom

Shopify exists at #4 in the list of Online Content Management System, with 2.7% of the market share, 1.5% of all of the websites on the internet.

Shopify is a Content Management System Solutions. Shopify is built specifically for eCommerce in mind. Creating an online store, managing your products, receiving payments from your customers, and building a marketplace is become super easy with Shopify. Shopify also handles other factors like Web Hosting, Web Security, SSL Certificate, and more.

You can also integrate Shopify with WordPress, it means you can use the most popular eCommerce CMS with the most popular CMS together.


5. Squarespace

Market Share: 2.7%
Total Live Sites: 1,870,777
Number of Sites it Top 1 Million: 9,995

Most Popular Sites: John Malkovich, Keanu Reeves, Idris Elba
Top 3 Countries with Most Sites: Canada, United States, United Kingdom,

Squarespace is at #5 with 2.7% of the market share. It’s the easiest content management system website platform for building’s easy to use because Squarespace is a website page builder having a drag and drop options and interface. Not like WordPress, a fully-fledged publishing platform.

Squarespace team offers different modern templates, free Typekit, Google fonts, Style editor, customizable content layouts, and much more..


6. Wix

Market Share: 1.9%
Total Live Sites: 3,373,287
Number of Sites at Top 1 Million: 4,800

Most Popular Sites: Tobias Becs, Karlie Kloss, AdMost
Top 3 Countries with Most Sites: United Kingdom, United States, Brazil

In the list of best website content management systems, Wix is at #6 with 1.9% of the market share. Wix got popular within a few years because of its user-friendly and fully hosted platform. In this CMS Website, create different websites like a blog, business sites, online stores, portfolios, and more.

You can also make a free domain, which includes Wix brand, like name.


7. Magento

Market Share: 1.8%
Total Live Sites: 230,606
Number of Sites at Top 1 Million: 15,022

Most Popular Sites: Nike, Ford, Liverpool FC, Land Rover
Top 3 Countries with Most Sites: Netherlands, United States, United Kingdom

In the market share, Magento is at #7 with 1.8 of that market share. this CMS system is an open-source eCommerce Content Management System that allows its users to build an online store, manage their products, accept online payments, and more.

You can also download Magento free that is community edition or can be purchased a plane, which includes support, cloud hosting, and other features. Magento is not easy to install. Hosting providers don’t offer 1-click installation like other CMS Solutions and WordPress.


8. PrestaShop

Market Share: 1.4%
Total Live Sites: 240,990
Number of Sites at Top 1 Million: 4,129
Top 3 Countries with Most Sites: Spain, United States, France
Most Popular Sites: Veja, K-Way, La Redoute

 PrestaShop is in the 7th position with 1.4% of the market share. Prestashop is an open-source freemium eCommerce solution, which is based in Paris, France, can be downloaded and used to free.

You just need to purchase web hosting for your domain to make live on the internet. Or you can purchase PrestaShop, which will be ready to use version and already hosted.

By using the PrestaShop, You can easily build an online store, manage your products, customize you’re your store with different themes.


9. Blogger

Market Share: 1.3%
Total Live Sites: 346,553
Number of Sites at Top 1 Million: 8,051

Most Popular Sites: The Hacker News, Hyperbole and a Half, Amusing Planet
Top 3 Countries with Most Sites: India, United States, New Zealand

Blogger is the most popular CMS for Blogging coming at #9 with 1.3% of the market share.

Blogger is totally free which blog-publishing service. It’s the free blogging platform for the casual bloggers and beginners. But it’s not a good option if you want to start a business website.

In the blogger, you do not own your blog, Google can delete at any time. But, the self-hosted WordPress site, or any other Platform, you have full ownership and control.


10. TYPO3

Market Share: 1.2%
Total Live Sites: 285,281
Number of Sites at Top 1 Million: 5,143

Most Popular Sites: Defence Industries Association of Europe, Win-rar, Airbus, and AeroSpace
Top 3 Countries with Most Sites: Switzerland, Germany, United States

TYPO3 is at the end of the list of the most popular CMS. TYPO3 is at #10 with 1.2% of the market share. its an open-source web content management system and free to use.
it’s not recommended for beginners. TYPO3 platform is for advanced programmers because of the difficulty to install and much more time to learn. WordPress, Joomla, or other said CMS is much easier to use and install.

What is the Best CMS Platform to Start a Website?

You can see from the list of most popular CMS by the market share, that WordPress is at top of the list with 60.4% of the market share. Now we have cleared that WordPress is the best CMS on the market the most popular website builder. WordPress is a good choice for making a blog for beginners and also for the advance users, 97% of blogs online are using WordPress.

WordPress is popular for a reason. It’s very easy to use, you have complete control of your websites, and there are endless options for adding extra power and customization to your website.

We hope you enjoyed and learn from this article about which CMS is most popular by the market share and this research helps you to choose the best content management system as you need.

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