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How Bad Writing and Plagiarized Content Can Ruin Your SEO Strategy

Content writing is an overwhelming process for website owners and content writers. It has the potential to uplift your business or even break it into pieces.

However, our online world is now floating in the ocean of content!

Every content marketer or blogger lines up their content strategies to educate their audience about the product/service.

The process becomes critical when the writer you hired starts compromising on the quality and delivers you bad writing.

Therefore, it may cause your SEO strategies to fail and will even bring severe consequences for you.

We believe that you did not want to see your business fall apart, right?

So, here in this blog post, we have mentioned how plagiarized and low quality can affect your entire website!

Read till the end to know incredible ways of avoiding plagiarism!

1. Delivering the same thing that is worth nothing but 0% meaning

It is the priority of every writer to write content on trendy topics within their niche.

However, it is a very good practice of building the Domain Authority and relevance of your website.

But, the problem occurs when you continuously write the exact thing that your audience already knows via different sources.

Here’s the most common mistake that most writers and content marketers make!

They prefer paraphrasing and rewriting the content that changes the word and synonyms.

But, the thing they did not think about is that paraphrasing did not change the original meaning of the topic.

The content won’t be unique and high quality unless you add something on your own or give your opinion and argument.

On the other hand, repeating the same keywords again and again will result in keyword stuffing.

Using the same keywords, again and again, is the biggest reason for making the content quality low. However, it will also affect your SEO strategies.

What should be done in this scenario?

If you want to make your content unique, use infographics or stats or images.

Google loves the content that shows infographics about something as well as your audience will also get an idea of exact figures whatever you are talking about.

You can also integrate online videos via youtube to make your content outstanding!

2. Irrelevant or sluggy headlines

The title of paragraphs has significant importance in content marketing.

If your headings are not great, you are welcoming bad writing. Headlines are the very first thing that the reader reads and judges the entire post.

Therefore, your headings should be great, engaging, and attractive that emotionally attracts the reader.

If you want to make successful content that ranks higher, your headings should be appealing.

Below we have mentioned some ways to write attractive headings that catch the reader’s attention:

  1. Use the main keyword naturally but do not force it
  2. Choose the words that obtain the curiosity of the reader
  3. Make it relevant and descriptive

3. Focus on quality rather than quantity

Most writers put themselves in a conundrum when they publish and write content.

They only focus on the quantity that starts affecting the quality. However, they manage to work on different client projects that lead them to a stage where they compromise quality to meet the deadlines.

We know that the length of an article depends because we have to write more than our competitors.

From the writer’s perspective, when you write in a rush situation on different topics, you will look out for different methods such as paraphrasing or rephrasing the content.

As a result, any effort that you will do to achieve a better ranking will go in vain.

However, it would be great if you keep your focus on writing quality content instead of quantity.

You can make the quality of content optimal by:

  1. Writing engaging titles
  2. Improving your writing format
  3. Using keywords naturally
  4. Using an engaging and conversational content tone

4. Always writing general content

Whenever you write content, it is specifically for an audience. However, most writers do not keep this factor in mind.

Always writing general and formal is a bad idea as the content you write will not make a difference.

Therefore, the more relevant your content is, the more ranking chances it will have.

It would be great if you could create quality content on one topic specifically rather than writing a complete guide of thousands of words.

Because, if the content starts going irrelevant, it will be useless.

5. Getting duplication and not removing it

Plagiarism is a very fatal issue for writers and content marketers. There are several types of plagiarism situations you may face during your writing process.

When your content is not well-researched or you do not care about the uniqueness of the content, plagiarism happens.

As a writer, it is very immoral and unethical to deliver similarly and duplicated content to your clients.

However, sometimes it happens unintentionally because a writer has to produce bulk content usually within the same niche.

As a result, they may end up writing someone else’s work or idea without any intentions.

In order to avoid these problems, you should use an online plagiarism checker to make sure the content is unique and good to publish.

The point is if you do not care about plagiarism or try to avoid it, you and your content marketer will suffer severe consequences.

Your reputation will be affected and no client will ever trust you, which will be a big loss of the client’s funnel.

However, if plagiarism happens, the purpose of doing content marketing will be useless.

This means that all forms of plagiarism should be avoided in content marketing. When referencing another’s work, it’s not wrong.

6. Your writing will be bad if you forget proofreading

Do you know what most writers do? They thought that their content was outstanding and never considered it to be proofread.

No matter how good your content is, it is quite possible that when you read the content after you write, you may find some mistakes that need correction.

However, it is a very simple and effective way to improve the quality of your word.

While writing, you may select the vocabulary and words that sound natural. But, when you proofread, they sound different.

Because at first, you were looking at it as a writer, but the second time, you were reading the content as a reader.

Therefore, when you read your own written content from the eye of an actual reader, you will see how different it sounds and what needs improvement.

4 incredible ways to avoid plagiarism

Whether you accept it or not, but avoiding plagiarism is the first condition of writing unique content.

However, if you are writing a research paper, article, scholarship essay, or anything, gathering all of your information and organizing it is not an easy task.

If it is, then why every person have not started writing by themselves?

To avoid duplication issues, below we have mentioned 4 incredible ways that are worth trying.

1 – Give yourself enough time to write

When you are in a rush and have a short period of time, you may miss several points that you think to write.

However, the best way to avoid plagiarism is to give yourself enough time to write and research.

Furthermore, when you have enough time, you can pay as much attention as you want to make everything look good and of high quality.

Because, when you are under pressure, you may end up with several grammatical mistakes or incorrect wordings.

2 – Always give citations and references to the original author

When you are writing a research paper or essay, adding citations or organizing your reference list is very important.

However, every writing project has different citations standards which means that you have to follow the reference guidelines you get as requirements.

3 – Paraphrase if needed

Every writer has gone through this process of paraphrasing in their career. If you are out of words and ideas, then paraphrasing tool play a vital role.

However, it is important to give credit to the original author when you paraphrase the content because the words will be changed but the topic idea and concept will always be the same.

4 – Add your opinions and arguments

The best way of improving the quality and uniqueness of content is to add your personal experience, opinion, argument, or statement.

Giving your own personal opinion or perspective on the content will add value.

For example, if you are writing about a topic that you know indepthly or have personally experienced. You should give your insights on it.

However, it can also be achieved by researching in-depth about the topic, past situation, current trends, and future expectations.

On the other hand, you can also use the help of your seniors or teachers for that specific task.

Final Words

Writing bad-quality content for your website will make things worse for you. However, you should avoid plagiarism and bad writing.

Moreover, the first condition of writing quality content is to add your values and by yourself and make it unique.

If the content is not unique and it has low quality, it will badly impact your SEO strategies and content marketing will be worthless!

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