How to buy the Best Monitor Arm

best monitor arm

How to buy the best monitor arm, Attributing your monitor to an adaptable arm can alter and completely transform your workstation and permit you to precisely locate your screen in a range of positionings.

The interchange between landscape and portrait display, move your screen easily up and down to transform from a seated to a standing computer unit and adjust your viewing focal angle for optimized ease and comfort.

A Monitor arm is a sort of a stand that supports or elevates your computer and as well as your laptop screen to an ergonomic height. The Monitor arm is generally attached to the rear of your computer table and offers great flexibility as compared to a normal monitor stand.

Getting the perfect monitor arm is necessary as being able to optimize your laptop screen that is compatible with your posture is indeed great for productivity and your wellbeing.

Despite all that, finding a perfect monitor arm can be very tricky. Several factors must be in your consideration while purchasing which may include the number of monitors you have, the configuration of your laptop or monitor, workstation environment, the adjustment features of your screen, and many more. How to buy the best monitor arm

But don’t worry we have listed some common but important features which should be taken into account.

Benefits of having the monitor arm

Before moving to our main topic, it is necessary to know why you should select the best monitor arm for yourself. By having a look at these small points, you would be motivated to spend your time researching and finding the best way to select and can have an amazing experience.

Having a monitor arm is very important, especially if you are a workaholic, but apart from this can also be a great deal to you as

1-    It generates an ergonomic working environment. Enabling your monitor to turn at any angle or even adjusting it to any height ensures a contented working posture and prevents neck, back, and eye strain.

2-     You may agree here when we say that a computer desk occupies a lot of space, so getting a monitor arm may free up some of the space at your work stations, as they also keep cables organized and tidy.

3-     A Monitor arm is an ideal and perfect accessory for a sit-stand desk or even height adjustable desk. This can easily adapt to the change in height.

4-     This can also help to improve your productivity as it allows the user to work with more than one display.

5-     You can easily rotate your screen to show your colleagues your presentation or any other important screen, thus making collaborating with others quite easy and comfortable.

How to select the best monitor arm?

After going through the pros of having the best monitor arm, we now feel it necessary to let you know how exactly you can select the perfect monitor arm for yourself.

We can very well relate that choosing the best monitor arm can be tough as the market is full of several attractive options so it can be difficult to land onto some decision, especially if we are unaware of the basic knowledge.

For your ease, we have pointed out important factors that you should not at all ignore if you really want to have a good experience.

1.  Weight

This is the first and most important factor to consider while buying your monitor arm. You have to compare the weight of your monitor screen to the capacity of an articulating monitor arm. Every monitor arm in the market must have a specific weight capacity, but it is your job to ensure that which of the monitor arms best comply with your monitor.

2.  Flexibility

Some of the mounts in the market just offer standard tilting while others can easily revolve or spin and can be raised to the appropriate height. It is your personal preference what you actually like to have or how flexible your monitor arm should be in your provided space.

3.  Surface

This is also a very important factor to take into account before purchasing. You have to know that these can be mounted to different surfaces. Some of the monitor arms can be attached to your wall while others need some sort of support from your desk.

Again, it is totally up to you if you want your monitor to be floating or prefer it to be directly mounted behind your desk. So, you have to make a wise choice.

4.  The number of monitors you have

While single monitors are still popular, you would also see people having two or at times three monitors. While purchasing you have to ensure that the monitor arm that you are planning to buy should support your entire setup, or else it would be useless.

5.  Should be VESA compliant

VESA is referred to as technical standards to the distance amid the mounting holes which are at the back of the monitor. The screen brackets are usually attached to these. A particular VESA compatible monitor will typically have hole proportions of somewhat between 75mm x 75mm and 100mm x 100mm.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you have APPLE MAC you need to get a separate adapter as they are not compliant with VESA.


An individual’s desk setup has quite a significant impact on their performance and productivity, irrespective of whether it is for work or for any leisure activities like video games.

With poor computer desk ergonomics, one can develop muscle strain that can lead to serious long-term pain within no time and many other complications. One of the best ways to generate and get a comfortable desk setup is by using the best monitor arm.

Moreover, a well-positioned monitor can surely reduce the strain of your eyes and any other discomforts that might be associated with it and most importantly, having the monitor arm rather than the desk can certainly free up your workplace.

The wide range of the majority of monitors on the market meet these normal standards, but you as a buyer should always double-check your screen’s make and model to make sure that you are making the right decision.

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