Various Tips to Make a Promo Video

What is a Promo Video?

A promotional video is made to promote your business, brand, products &services, specific marketing initiative, sales, or events. Promos are often like a teaser video, where you try and draw more leads in to know more and grab your audience’s attention.

Promo videos are an innovative and efficient way to convey time-sensitive information or any other integral communication regarding your brand. Promos are a way to entice your audience with information that is easy to grasp and will stay with them for a long time.

You can effectively use an effective promo video maker to attract new leads and engage the existing customers to come back for more.

Tips to Make a Promo Video

When Should You Use a Promo Video?

Promo videos are great for attracting new visitors by introducing them to your organization and piquing their interest with your style of promotion. You can use a Promo Video to:

  1. Build awareness online for upcoming events and promotions.
  2. Engage current and recurring visitors by giving them another reason to consider doing business with your company.
  3. Reinforce your presence and branding in the social media and digital market
  4. Give that extra push to your audience to take the leap and try out your product or service.
  5. Offer coupons or discounts, making people happier and more likely to buy.
  6. Explain your products/services with ease
  7. Convert leads into customers

What Makes a Good Promo Video?

The promo video may seem simple, but there are a few key elements you must consider before delving into the concept of promoting your videos:

  1. Think like a teaser – The idea is not to sell but to attract the right attention.
  2. Stay focused and jot down all relevant details in your promo videos that you want your audience to learn about.
  3. Pay attention to graphics, a visual call to action, visual titles, and other strong animations to entice your audience.
  4. Create multiple versions for different social media handles like YouTube, Instagram Reels, Instagram Stories, Facebook, etc.
  5. You can use promos to tease or highlight an aspect of your business also

How to Make a Promo Video

Before you dive deeper into each aspect of creating a promo video, let us examine the various steps you must follow to create an aesthetic promo video.

Step 1 – Script your promo video well and place each factor creatively.

Step 2 – You must Storyboard your vision.

Step 3 – Produce your promo video and decide on the imperatives how you want to make it.

Step 4 – Make necessary edits and assemble your video for the perfect promo.

Step 5 – Promote your promo video and engage potential customers.

Creating a promo video is pretty simple, and you don’t need educational or technical expertise to make one. All you need is a diligent promo video maker that fits your company objectives, budget, and reason for the video.

Here is a detail of tips you can follow to place your promo video onto your audience’s screen:

Step 1: Identify Your Goal

Creating a promo video must start with identifying your objective – so you need to be crystal clear, what you want to portray and why you want to promote it. There could be multiple goals, so try not to cram them all in one video, which may confuse your audience.

You must frame a different video for each objective to bring it to life. The goal of your promo video should be specified, and some of them could be:

  • To drive sales or brand awareness.
  • To drive traffic and attract potential leads
  • To engage the existing customers
  • To educate and inform the customers about your brand, business, products, and services.

Step 2: Choose a Direction

After you have decided why you want to create your promo video, now is the time to work on how you want to make it – in terms of direction.

Here you must decide whether your videos should be introductory, problem/solution, question/answer, or explanatory. You can try several combinations of different directions like:

  • Introductory direction when you are informing your audience about yourself, your objectives, your company, etc.
  • Testimonials comprise user feedback, reviews, customer ratings, interviews, etc., with customers about the products they have already used.
  • Explanatory, Informative or Educational videos, when you want to explain something to your audience about your organization, or your products and services
  • Narrative direction explains something using elements like a plot, characters, conflicts, solutions, etc.
  • Endorsement or Influencer related direction to enhance the likeness of your promo videos
  • Drive action or product-focused promo videos to introduce something innovative, new, and fresh to your viewers.
  • Entertainment videos to inspire or delight your audience using emotion, story, humor, etc.

Step 3: Set the Tone and the Duration

The tone of your promo video decides how your video will make your audience feel. For example, should it be humorous to make your audience laugh or informative to educate your viewers? Your creative direction should complement your tone for the right impression on your audience.

You can use an emotional tone, a dramatic one, a conversational one to make the topic casual for your audience, or a straightforward tone to provide clear and concise information.

  • An urgent tone should be used if you want to insist your audience take prompt action or use a fun tone to make your audience smile. So, there are hundreds of tones and moods that you can reflect through your promo video, matching well with the direction style and goal of your promo video.
  • The next step is to decide on the duration, whether you want a 20-second video, 60 second or a 5 minute plus video. Remember! The longer your video is, the more potentially unfocused your audience could be.
  • Use a big creative idea, not a long video, to put your idea through within the set timeframe of your video, whether 20 seconds or 5 minutes; you must incorporate your goal and prescribe the timings according to the social media platform you want to upload the video on.

Step 4: Choose the Right Video Style

Choose the appropriate visual style of your video using animations, real people, B-roll, Stocks, Live action, screencasts, whiteboards, or an app creating a combination of some (or all) of these visual styles.

Map the idea and decide how many scenes and locations you want to introduce in your video. Think of what kind of characters you should portray, the audio, text, and voiceovers should be decided well in advance, and finally, what products and props you should use in your promo videos.

Write an appropriate script incorporating the final CTA, which is the last message you want to leave the audience inspiring them to do what you want them to do.

Step 5: Storyboard

You can use an effective promo video maker to create visuals that go with your script. A storyboard is important for the stakeholders to get a good sense of the visuals they’re supposed to recreate. It is a practical guide that will help you correlate each image and correspond it to some description or dialogue directly from the script.

Step 6: Edit Your Promo Video

A professional promo video maker can help you have complete control over your scenes and clips, keeping them short, dynamic, and engaging with necessary trims and edits to keep the viewer’s attention!

Enrich your promo videos with text and graphic elements using text like titles and subtitles, an impressive logo, color overlays, and the appropriate Call-to-action. This is the final step to making your promo video ready for the world.

Step 7: Add Final Details and Promote It

Finally, after getting all details set, you must get into the production and making of your promo video and finally promote it. Post your promo video on all relevant social media handles, YouTube, website,blogs and get the required attention.


Getting your Promo videos right each time is no child’s play, no matter how straightforward it seems.

Although you don’t need to have the technical expertise to create a promo video, you need to get the right promotion ideas, the appropriate promo video maker, and the ability to save bucks to create an all-encompassing Promo video.

It should serve a specific purpose and elevate your overall brand identity and voice, striking the right balance between your brand and your audience.

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