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Write a Quality Guarantee and Promote It in Sales Communications

It is an understood fact that Customers purchase items and services with the expectation of a guarantee. They want assurance that their purchase will be backed up and will deliver exactly what they expected.

Customer service assurances can be simple or complicated and are part of a customer service strategy. In any case, the company’s commitment to stand behind the product or service they deliver is communicated through these promises.

Guarantees of Customer Service are communicated in a variety of ways.

The written guarantee may be stated on a sign in a physical shop, written in an informational leaflet, or incorporated into the content offered on a company’s website.

3 Main Different Types of Guarantees:

Here are the 3 main different Types of Guarentees: 

1.     Quality or Satisfaction Guarantee

A quality of satisfaction guarantee is a promise made by a brand to a consumer that if the buyer is not happy with a product or service and its stated quality within a particular time frame, a refund will be granted.

The promise of a refund may increase a buyer’s trust before they make a purchase, allowing companies to convert more prospects into purchasers, which is the result we are going for.

Even if a product or service comes with a decent and reasonable warranty, it is sometimes just stated as a footnote.

A reliable, solid guarantee is a major advantage to clients.

2.     Lowest Price Guarantee

In the world of e-commerce, competition is quite fierce. You should make your brand stand out from the competition in some way.

One of these methods is to provide the lowest price. In fact, one of the top three reasons why customers opt to buy a product from a certain online site is because of the price.

This form of assurance demonstrates your faith in your online business and the fairness of your product price. When you provide the lowest price guarantee on your website, you address a variety of visitor concerns, including those who question if they can get the identical product at a lower price elsewhere.

The lowest pricing advantage gives you a leg up on the competition and boosts conversion rates.

3.     Money-Back Guarantee

Visitors can learn a lot about your online shop by looking at your money-back guarantee. Your money-back guarantee should show the consumer the following things:

It indicates product quality to customers. Many companies only provide 30-day or 90-day money-back guarantees.

On the other hand, providing a money-back guarantee demonstrates the highest level of confidence of the brand in its products. When you create your guarantee around a certain number of days, you run the danger of raising doubt in the minds of your customers.

A lifetime guarantee may be a risky move, but it eliminates the need for customers to return things and builds faith in your brand’s quality.

Here is How to Write a Quality Guarantee and Promote It in Sales Communications

It is critical to give a written guarantee to clients, regardless of the format, so that they are confident in utilizing products or services. Quality Guarantees are one of the most essential elements of any product or brand website.

When consumers visit your store, it is important that you provide them with complete quality guarantees about a relative product.

A great product quality guarantee is an efficient sales tool. It can help to persuade visitors to buy a certain product and also convince them to have their trust in the firm and its products.

The motive of product quality guarantee is to assure customers that the products that they are interested in have solid quality and that the customers will not be disappointed in the item that they buy.

Consider it as if you were a salesperson whose primary responsibility is to work on your product pages in order to advertise your goods and services.

1.     Start Clear and Simple

Because the first impression is the final impression, it is critical that you start strong with your product quality guarantee. Begin with an attention-grabbing statement and or other relevant information that guarantees the quality of your product.

Product guarantees are meant to be short and straightforward. It should consist of one or more sentences that describe the product’s quality and functionality in a way that is both instructive and assuring.

Once you have found the best product guarantee for your shop, examine the remainder of the product page to verify whether everything is in order.

2.     Utilize a Word Counter

All major platforms, from social media to e-commerce, give you a limited amount of space to write down your content, including the product guarantees.

So you must maintain track of your word count to keep the important elements of your product guarantees at the top. To assist them with their work, all content writers and makers adopt a word counter tool.

These technologies also provide them with information about their product guarantee content and or other content, such as the number of phrases, words, characters, and even word density, which is quite important.

3.     Utilize Social Proof

This is yet another crucial aspect of your product page. Not every user is aware of whether or not your product is truly purchase-worthy.

Close-ups of products, augmented reality, and sizing guidelines are all digital products reviews available to prospective buyers.

Regardless of how much you assist buyers in visualizing your items, consumers will always be exposed to some danger when purchasing online. They cannot touch, feel, or try on the items you are selling, after all.

As a result, as compared to brick and mortar stores, there is a higher possibility that an online order will not meet their expectations or demands.

Addressing your customers’ perceived risks can alleviate their concerns and allow them to buy more confidently.

With all of the rivalry happening around such sites as brand sites and eCommerce websites with a lot of marketing content. Even the tiniest parts of improvement (guarantees, reviews, videos, and so on) count a lot.

The majority of consumers rely on social evidence, such as product reviews and videos, to verify the product’s validity and assist them to decide whether or not to purchase the product or service.

4.     Utilize CTAs

Stories and short video clips play an important role in product quality assurance and marketing. So make sure you use them to their full potential because they are an important element of your ecommerce content.

You must develop compelling CTAs (Call to Actions) with the assistance of such components in your product guarantee and other content, which can actually make the visitor take significant action on your page.

5.     Easy To Read Content

Product information and its guarantees are typically the most important factor that your audience considers when deciding to purchase any item or service.

So make sure that your policies, product guarantees, and other relative information are easy for the consumer to read and understand. It is up to you to make or break the deal.

If you do it well, consumers will feel confident in finalizing their purchase; if you do it poorly, they will bounce before checking out.

6.     Do Not Overpromise

Because of the rivalry in the market, it may be tempting to praise your product, but if it is not genuine, you risk losing your customers’ confidence and trust. Avoid using superlatives that are not necessary.

Provide an explanation for what your product delivers quality-wise, other than demonstrating its excellence.

Describe the functions and features that set it apart from the competitors, and convince visitors that they will receive precisely what they see on the website.

Do Guarantees Add A Liability To The Brand!?

Yes, if you guarantee your goods, there is a probability that you will have to give some invalid reimbursements at some time. The advantages of increasing sales and good customer connections, on the other hand, far outweigh the earnings lost from the infrequent refunds.

Only if the goods or service is not powerful enough to warrant the price, you will face a major risk with a strong guarantee. Higher refund rates will result from overcharging and failing to deliver on your promises.

If your consumers take advantage of your guarantee, you should think about your promises and maybe the product’s quality. Give all of the information up front in order to establish that important client-brand relationship and generate more sales and recommendations.


The backbone of your ecommerce business is product assurances and guarantees. One of the topmost things that Customers look for in a product is its price and quality.

So businesses must make sure that they can easily guarantee the quality of their product and convince the client to purchase the item. You must create product guarantees that are assuring, well-structured, and precise.

Use the suggestions above to improve your product warranties and your product page.

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