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Types of Telephone System

Telephone Systems

A phone system contains more than one phone used in an interconnected style that lets in for advanced telephony functions consisting of call managing and transferring, conference calling, call metering and accounting, personal and shared voice message boxes, and so on.

A telephone system can vary from only some phones in a domestic or small business as much as a complicated personal branch exchange (PBX) system used by mid-sized and huge organizations.

The Telephone systems can characteristic over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), over the Internet (Internet telephony or VoIP), or an aggregate of the two. Business phone systems also can be added as a hosted service, which can be loose organizations from having to spend money on high-priced equipment.

How Do Telephone Systems Help?

The proper business telephone system can revolutionize the manner your crew works, and the way your business operates. Most organizations at the moment are selecting to apply cloud-based VoIP systems, which transmit calls over the internet rather than the landline.

Such a system can ease the transition to the hybrid operation by allowing your crew to apply it from anywhere, taking part with colleagues, and making and taking business calls from any net-linked system.

Plus, in-built unified communications (UC) functions which include video conferencing and immediate messaging could make operating collectively across multiple places easy.

Types Of Telephone Systems.

Here we will discuss three main types of telephone systems, which are:

  • Traditional, On-Premise PBX
  • VoIP PBX
  • Hosted VoIP Phone System

Traditional, On-Premise PBX

The grandad of business telephony is the PBX or ‘phone switch’. The PBX is a container that sits on your premises somewhere and controls all factors of your business telephony. These phone systems are strong, dependable, and provide a complete set of functions to organizations.

Well, whilst you smash it down, the PBX is an easy concept. Each person using the equal system has a hard and fast extension this is precise to them. A PBX takes all your incoming lines and all the calls on the lines of the one, and serves them as much as an appropriate extension.

Of course, there are numerous different features, consisting of; name queueing, on-hold track, transfers, name recording, and greater however at heart, a conventional PBX controls your organization’s phone calls.


The VoIP PBX or VoIP phone system is an up-to-date model of the traditional phone system we pointed out above. The traditional and VoIP PBX systems are very similar, they each manipulate your business’s calls.

The foremost difference between the traditional and VoIP PBX is how the systems work and the sorts of the generation they use. A traditional PBX makes use of analog or virtual lines, referred to as ISDN, while a VoIP PBX makes use of your broadband or information connection to make and obtain calls. This may be drastically cheaper than the conventional alternative.

Hosted VoIP Phone System

The third type of telephone system is hosted VoIP. A hosted phone system is the maximum modern, bendy form of a telephone system. A hosted phone system does away with the ‘container at the wall’ version and as an alternative makes use of a cloud telephony platform. This platform serves as your business telephone system.

Hosted VoIP makes use of your present net connection and a strong cloud telephony platform to make and obtain calls. It comes with a wealthy feature set and is bendy and adjustable to fit your business requirements.

Why Do I Need a Business Telephone System?

Modern business phone systems boast lots of blessings that you simply don’t get with garden-range home phone systems. Advanced functions, consisting of voicemail, automatic name route and forwarding, and on-hold track and messages, display the outdoor world in which you’re jogging an expert operation and assist you to construct higher verbal exchange and relationships with customers.

Meanwhile, in-constructed UC functions, consisting of video calling and immediate messaging, suggest your crew can collaborate greater without difficulty whilst hybrid operating, boosting productivity. Plus, cloud-based business phone systems are in reality mobile and may be accessed and used on any net-linked system, in any location.

Using your private smartphone, you could make and take calls with your business quantity, video chat together along with your crew, and greater.

What Kind of Business Phone System Should I Get?

When choosing the sort of phone system your business must install, there is more than one picks to be made. Firstly, you must determine whether or not you need a conventional landline system, or a VoIP system, which makes and takes calls over the net.

Nowadays, most organizations are turning to VoIP systems as they’re greater affordable, less complicated to put in and scale, and are available filled with sophisticated expert functions.

If you pick out VoIP, you’ll additionally want to consider whether or not to head for a hosted system or an on-premise system. With hosted VoIP, your phone network could be controlled and maintained remotely with the aid of using your system provider, who’ll preserve everything delivered from the back of the scenes. Meanwhile, an on-premise system could be hosted on your servers, at your workplace.

You’ll be accountable for keeping the community jogging easily yourself, however, you’ll additionally have complete possession of it, and could be capable of customizing and configuring it to your actual needs.

How Much Do Business Phone Systems Cost?

This depends on how advanced the system is with the aid of using that we suggest the quantity and class of the functions it offers. The maximum easy VoIP systems have costs starting at around $15 in step with the user, in step with month, whilst enterprise-grade systems can fee upwards of $60 in step with the user, in step with month.

Basic VoIP-like minded table phones begin at $50 each, whilst high-spec fashions can fee as much as $500. There are masses of things that come into play here, as a way to get a clearer idea of how an awful lot your system may fee.

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