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99+ Free High DA PDF Submission Sites List 2024

High PR Dofollow PDF Sharing Sites are important in SEO and one of the most important sources for getting high quality and dofollow backlinks. To get a high score in SEO we have to get backlinks from High Page Rank, Good Alexa Rank, Page Authority, and Domain Authority.

The best way to build SEO ranking is through link building. It helps improve your website’s ranking because it links users of other websites to your website. Most people, myself included, prefer this site because it’s the best way to build links. However, I only recommend this website if you are looking for a high-quality free PDF submission site to submit your PDFs.

We always adopt different techniques for creating backlinks for our Blogs and websites. Some Techniques are hard and some are very easy to follow. Creating our backlink by sharing documents and PDFs on Top Documents Sharing Sites Free is very easy.

At first, you have to create some documents like Microsoft Word, PDF or Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation write something in that, and hyperlink your blog/website address in those documents.

Create your account on some High PR Dofollow Document Sharing Sites or pdf sharing sites free and then upload your document sharing site. We are sharing the most popular pdf sharing sites List where you first make a profile on those sites.

These sites are also called Free PDF Sharing Site. Upload your documents to make some reasonable titles and write some descriptions and upload them. Get that sharing URL for future use for your Clients. Within 1 or two days you will get a result. Page rank and domain authority will increase.

In this blog, I will introduce you to PDF submission sites, their benefits and a list of high DA PDF submission sites. So, let’s get started!

What are PDF Submission Sites?

PDF files are a file format used by people to exchange electronic documents. The provided PDF format encodes forms, documents, web pages, and images for display on devices, even tablets and smartphones.

These files are primarily used to transfer PDF (Portable Document Format). Simply, that’s why I prefer it and people don’t face many problems while using it. You need to perform two steps: create a PDG file and then send it to all free PDF sharing sites. You should also use other off-page SEO techniques such as social betting, free analytics, and blog comments to create high-authority backlinks to your blog.

How is it Beneficial?

One can experience some great benefits of free dofollow PDF submission website which helps in promoting business. You know, my favorite thing about these sites is that they’re free! It brings high traffic so that your PDF can be seen by a large audience.

It increases brand awareness and even increases website traffic, providing better opportunities for users. We can create better links back to the website to improve SEO rankings. Other benefits of using PDF submission pages include:

Why are PDF Submission Sites Essential?

If you ask me, I prefer PDF submission sites as they help generate traffic and quality backlinks. You can submit DOC, PPT, or even PDF to improve your SEO ranking. This is the main reason why I chose this site and why it is so important. Some important PDFs include:

However, you need to make sure that you follow everything and create effective content for your audience because this is the only way to attract a better audience.

New Free PDF Submission Sites List – Jan 2024

Here are some of the best PDF submission sites that you can consider submitting your pages and improve your rankings organically.


Free High DA PA PDF Submission Sites list -2024

Sr. No. High DA PDF Submission Sites List DA
1 94
2 93
3 92
4 92
5 90
6 89
7 89
8 84
9 84
10 79
11 78
12 62
13 62
14 61
15 64
16 58
17 58
18 56
19 50
20 43
21 28
22 95
23 94
24 94
25 93
26 93
27 91
28 86
29 86
30 85
31 87
32 82
33 80
34 79
35 (Ended) 76
36 74
37 61
38 56
39 52
40 48
41 46
42 45
43 40
44 39
45 37
46 19

Note: Alexa Rank, Page Rank, Domain and Page Authority Will Be Changed on a Regular Basis.

Before submitting your PDF and documents, see the submission terms and conditions of that PDF and document sharing sites. Otherwise, your PDF and documents may be get rejected for their submission policies.

PDF Submission FAQ

We’ve added some frequently asked questions about PDF submission to help you learn more about PDF submission.

What is PDF submission?

PDF submission is the process of submitting PDF documents to high-quality PDF submission sites such as SlideShare, Scribd, and Google Drive, which help gain backlinks and referral traffic to your blog. This off-page SEO technique requires you to convert your document files into PDF files. You can then easily upload your PDF files to PDF submission sites.

What type of Information Should I Use for PDF Submission?

PDF submission is a super simple off-page SEO technique. However, when creating a PDF submission, you should read the PDF Submission Guidelines. Make sure the content is valuable, relevant, and well-structured. You can use information guides, white papers, e-books, tutorials, research papers, and presentations as PDF submissions.

Where can I share PDF Online?

There are different online document sharing sites, like Scribd, SlideShare, and Google Drive, so you can submit PDF files or create PDF links at these sites. Also, you can attach PDF files to emails, post them to social media, and share on your blog.

Does PDF submission Sites Allow to Edit the PDF?

Yes, PDF submission sites let you to edit and resubmit PDF documents to PDF submission sites. If you want to make corrections to a PDF file, you must save to a new file. Additionally, each PDF submission has a policy for editing the file after submission.

The Final Words

These are the few sites listed, but users can consider many more sites. By submitting PDFs to these PDF submission sites, you can improve your website’s ranking and visibility. Additionally, it helps make content accessible to others.


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