150+ Guest Posting Sites that improve Rankings

Guest posting is an act of publishing an article or a blog post on someone else’s website or blog.

Guest blogging or guest posting is not just a means to get backlinks for your site. It is the opportunity to target new audiences, grow your online audience, increase subscribers, and make relationships with other influencers.

Guest blogging gave you benefits if you do it in the right manner. Guest posting blog is like a game and everyone can’t play just play and win, before starting Guest Posting, you should care some steps.

The first thing is that you should know the purpose of the Guest Blog. You should know why you should publish content on the other sites. Guest blog for getting more followers or for backlinks. And this is the more important that you should know.

The second important step to find guest posting sites. on the internet, not every site accepts guest posting. Everyone wants to publish guest posting on the top guest posting on blogs but few of them are successful.

The main purpose of guest bloggers is to get backlinks. To do this, you have to care about a few things. You have to write high-quality content to publish on high authority sites.

What are the Benefits of Guest Posting/Contributing?

When you are writing for the guest posting or contributing content on guest blogging sites, write deep down with your soul because you are expecting something in return whether for boosting brand exposure or nice referral traffic.

Here are 10 main benefits of guest blogging:

  • Reach a wider audience: guest blogging opportunities on external sites mean more people will see your work. Image if your articles are published on Forbes or other big sites, then 100s of thousands of people read your articles and came back to your site.
  • Generate quality referral traffic
  • Build a long-lasting relationship
  • Become an influencer
  • Build up your social media presence
  • Increase the authority of your website
  • Become more confident 
  • Increase exposure & brand awareness
  • Inbound links (backlinks)
  • Build an email list

To help you to research some high authority sites, we have gathered some high DA Guest Posting sites which accept the content. Before reaching out to these sites, make sure you have quality content. Otherwise, you will reduce the bounce rate of your site.

Digital Marketing Blogs

Website DA Category
mashable.com 92 Social media, technology, business, entertainment
blog.hubspot.com/guest-blogging-guidelines 91 Marketing
blog.getresponse.com/write-for-us 81 Marketing, platform, productivity,  automation
www.socialmediatoday.com/contribute/ 80 Marketing, platform, productivity,  automation
www.socialmediaexaminer.com/writers/ 80 Social media
contentmarketinginstitute.com/blog/blog-guidelines/ 76 Content Marketing
www.creativebloq.com/news/write-creative-bloq-contributor-network-612326 74 Blogging, web design
www.marketingprofs.com/write-for-us 74 Marketing
www.benchmarkemail.com/blogs/detail/marketing-professionals-write-guest-blogs-for-benchmark-email 72 Marketing, social media, SEO
www.outbrain.com/blog/guest-blogging-guidelines 71 Blogging, marketing
www.b2bmarketing.net/en-gb/get-involved 70 Blogging, marketing
www.thesitsgirls.com/submit-blog-post-get-featured/ 69 Blogging, social media
coschedule.com/write-for-us/ 69 Content marketing, blogging, social media
www.shoutmeloud.com/join-shoutmeloud 68 SEO, marketing
www.polepositionmarketing.com/emp/write-for-us/ 66 Digital marketing, analytics, web design, marketing, SEO, social media
www.inc42.com/contact/ 63 Blogging, marketing
www.blogherald.com/contact-us/ 62 Marketing, blogging
www.searchenginepeople.com/post 61 SEO, social media
www.makingdifferent.com/write-for-us/ 60 Blogging, technology
www.postplanner.com/ 58 Social media
seo-hacker.com/guest-post/ 57 Marketing, SEO
www.theworkathomewoman.com/looking-for-guest-bloggers/ 55 Social media, blogging, business
www.blogengage.com/ 54 Blogging
www.viralblog.com/contact/ 54 Social media, technology
www.sociableblog.com/submit-news/ 53 Social media, marketing, growth hacking
www.blog-planet.com/write-for-us/ 53 Business, technology, digital marketing
www.growmap.com/growmap-guest-blogging-guidelines/ 51 Marketing, SEO
www.famousbloggers.net/community-news 50 Blogging, social media, SEO
www.hellboundbloggers.com/join-hbb/ 50 Blogging, social media, technology
www.iblogzone.com/guest-post-guidelines-and-submissions 50 SEO, marketing, blogging
techentires.com/write-for-us/ 49 Blogging,Marketing,Technology
www.hingemarketing.com/careers 49 Marketing
www.techpatio.com/about/guest-post 47 Marketing, SEO, technology
www.itechcode.com/join-itechcode/ 46 Blogging, SEO, social media
www.dealermarketing.com/write-for-us/ 46 Markeing
www.purelythemes.com/contact/ 46 SEO, marketing, hosting
www.birdsontheblog.co.uk/blog/guest-post-requests/ 45 Blogging
www.northcutt.com/guest-editorial-policies/ 42 Marketing, SEO, social media, email
www.spyderoutletinc.net/become-a-conributor/ 40 Business, technology, SEO
www.opportunitiesplanet.com/write-for-us/ 40 SEO, social media, blogging
www.branddrivendigital.com/write-for-us/ 40 Social media, marketing
beabetterblogger.com/write-for-us/ 32 Blogging
www.99techpost.com/technology-write-for-us/ 29 Social Media, SEO, digital marketing
georgepapatheodorou.com/submit-guest-post/ 20 Marketing, SEO, tools
www.thenewsify.com/write-for-us/ 19 Technology, Digital Marketing, Business
www.semupdates.com/write-for-us/ 19 SEO, social media, content marketing
www.ipackdesign.com/write-for-us/ 16 Marketing, branding
mytechtalky.com/guest-post/ 14 Blogging, SEO, wordpress
onlinemarketingcloud.com/how-to-submit-a-free-guest-post/ 14 SEO. social media, marketing, PPC

Finance Blogs

Website DA Category
www.inc.com/about/contact_us.html 91 Finance
www.biggerpockets.com/contribute 78 Finance
www.oilprice.com/write-for-oilprice 74 Finance
moneysavingmom.com/submit-a-guest-post 73 Finance
www.incomediary.com/write-for-incomediary 60 Make money online
www.modestmoney.com/modest-money-guest-post-policy/ 54 Finance
www.inancewand.com/write-for-us/ 44 Finance
www.moneyminiblog.com/write-for-us/ 38 Finance

one-third of Google searchers stick to the 1st SERP listing, for the queries in the “Finance” category.

Travel & Tourism Blogs

Website DA Category
www.hostelbookers.com/blog/travel/write-for-us/ 69 Travel
www.goabroad.com/careers 65 Travel
www.theplanetd.com/write-for-theplanetd/ 63 Travel
www.edreams.com/blog/write-for-us/ 58 Travel
www.intheknowtraveler.com/about-us/submission-guidelines/ 44 Travel
www.travelvisabookings.com/write-for-us/ 40 Travel
www.tenoblog.com/write-for-us/ 39 Travel
www.algarvedigital.pt/write-for-us/ 34 Travel
www.asmzine.com/write-for-us/ 34 Travel
www./britonthemove.com/about-me/guest-posts/ 23 Travel
www.turtleverse.com/guest-blogging/ 12 Travel, entertainment
www.guestblogging.pro/write-for-us/ 11 Travel, tech, business, finance

Sports & Fitness Blogs

Website DA Category
www.healthline.com/about#link-ContactUs 91 health
www.sportsthenandnow.com/write-for-us/ 55 Sports
www.hubpots.com/writeforus/ 54 Sports
www.offthepost.info/write-for-us/ 50 Sports
www.sportsnetworker.com/write-for-us/ 44 Sports
www.tenoblog.com/write-for-us/ 39 Health, travel, business
www.lifecares.org/write-for-life-cares/ 21 Health
www.ayurvedamaster.com/contact/ 14 Meditation, yoga
www.ethix.in/contact-us-location/ 11 Fitness
wwwthefitflair.com/write-for-us/ 10 Diet, health, fitness

Home & Garden Blogs

Website DA Category
www.residencestyle.com/guest-post/ 65 Home Design
www.mookychick.co.uk/submission-guidelines 56 Home
www.thealmostdone.com/contact-us/ 40 Gardening, Home & Family
www.maramani.com/pages/contact-us 22 Home Improvement,Home Design

Health Blogs

Website DA Category
www.psychologytoday.com/intl/writers-guidelines 92 Psychology, self-improvement
www.healthline.com/about#link-ContactUs 91 Fitness, health
www.lifehack.org/contribute 88 Self-improvement
www.onegreenplanet.org/write-for-us-2/ 73 Environment, Health, Food
www.pickthebrain.com/blog/write/ 64 Self-improvement
www.well-beingsecrets.com/write-for-us/ 56 Well-being
healthiid.com/health-and-lifestyle-blog-write-for-us/ 13 Fitness, nutrition
www.webnshare.com/write-for-us/ 10 Health and fitness

Family & Community Blogs

Website DA Category
www.cafemom.com/contact 82 Family
shilpaahuja.com/help/submit-guest-post-guidelines/ 42 Fashion, beauty
www.beezzly.com/contacts 13 Home Ideas, cleaning, decorating ideas

Arts & Entertainment Blogs

Website DA Category
www.onegreenplanet.org/write-for-us-2/ 91 Photography
www.pickthebrain.com/blog/write/ 91 Photography
www.well-beingsecrets.com/write-for-us/ 83 Music
healthiid.com/health-and-lifestyle-blog-write-for-us/ 79 Photography
www.webnshare.com/write-for-us/ 71 Music
www.help4flash.com/write-for-us/ 56 Fashion, travel, lifestyle
www.guitarchalk.com/write-for-us/ 51 Music
www.urbanadventure.org/write-for-us/ 25 Fishing, camping
www.buzztowns.com/write-for-us/ 24 Arts, entertainment
www.lemonyblog.com/write-for-us/ 11 Lifestyle, entertainment
www.articlewala.com/submit-your-post/ 10 Entertainment, lifestyle

Jobs & Education Blogs

Website DA Category
www.elearnmag.acm.org/write-for-us.cfm 91 Education, reviews
www.edutopia.org/about/your-turn-write-us 80 Education
www.edugorilla.com/guest-post/ 52 Education
www.tutorful.co.uk/write-for-us 39 Education
internetmarketingschool.co.in/write-for-us/ 22 Digital Marketing, SEO
www.speakaudible.com/write-for-us 20 Education


Real Estate Blogs

Website DA Category
www.wikiwebpost.com/ 9 Business and economy

News, Media & Publications Blogs

Website DA Category
www.theguardian.com/careers/guardian-careers-guidelines-for-contributors-and-writers 94 Entertainment, finance, business, sports
www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/how-to-pitch-huffpost-opinion-personal_us_5a5e0726e4b0fcbc3a1388f0?guccounter=1 94 News, business, sports, etc
www.entrepreneur.com/page/313470 91 Marketing, social media, business, finance, news
www.dailynewsen.com/guest-post-s11.html 49 News, business, education, health, sports, etc

Hobbies & Leisure Blogs

Website DA Category
www.craftgossip.com/write-for-us/ 70 Craft
www.themaven.net/craftbits/pages/write-for-us-bz3TlHyhO0y0b00f_gVhcQ/ 64 Craft
www.finecraftguild.com/party/contributors/ 61 Home, craft
thebark.com/content/submission-guidelines 59 Pets

Law & Government Blogs

Website DA Category
www.politico.com/magazine/write-for-us 92 Politics

Food & Groceries Blogs

Website DA Category
www.thekitchn.com/submissions 86 Food
www.onegreenplanet.org/write-for-us-2/ 73 Environment, Health, Food
www.thefoodellers.com/en/write-for-us 48 Food
www.todaysmama.com/page/write-for-us 36 Food, lifestyle
www.bethesurfer.com/p/register.html 19 Health, Food
www.okeasylife.com/write-for-us/ 18 Food, Health

Business & Industrial Blogs

Website DA Category
www.fastcompany.com/3008467/guidelines-submitting-contributed-articles-fast-company-and-tips-getting-published 91 Business, finance, technology
www.addicted2success.com/write-for-us/ 64 Entrepreneurship
www.killerstartups.com/guest-posts/ 60 Entrepreneur
www.menwithpens.ca/guest-post-guidelines/ 50 Business
entrepreneurshiplife.com/entrepreneurial-writer/ 47 Entrepreneur
www.spyderoutletinc.net/become-a-conributor/ 40 Business, technology, SEO
www.tenoblog.com/write-for-us/ 39 Business
www.startupwhale.com/submit/ 25 Ecommerce, startup
www.thenewsify.com/write-for-us/ 19 Technology, digital marketing

Web design Blogs

Website DA Category
www.smashingmagazine.com/write-for-us/ 91 Web design
www.sitepoint.com/write-for-us/ 85 Web design, technology
www.hongkiat.com/blog/write-for-us/ 83 Web design, content
www.alistapart.com/about/contribute 81 Web design, SEO, social media
www.webdesignerdepot.com/write-for-us/ 69 Web design
www.instantshift.com/contribute/ 68 Web design
www.crazyleafdesign.com/blog/contributors/ 63 Web design, web development
www.shawndewolfe.com/lets-collaborate 27 Design, digital marketing
www.snkcreation.com/write-for-us 24 Technology, software, programming
www.techplanet.today/write 15 Technology, software, programming

Technology Blogs

Website ( DA ) Category
venturebeat.com/guest-posts/ 91 Technology
www.sitepoint.com/write-for-us/ 85 Web design, technology
www.hongkiat.com/blog/write-for-us/ 83 Web design, technology
www.readwrite.com/contributor-guidelines/ 75 Technology
www.manning.com/write-for-us 67 Technology
www.colocationamerica.com/lets-write 63 Technology
www.digitfeast.com/p/submit-post.html 52 Technology, gadgets, graphics
www.techlila.com/write-for-us/ 46 echnology
www.techtodayinfo.com/write-for-us/ 45 Technology, gadgets, apps
www.spyderoutletinc.net/become-a-conributor/ 40 Business, technology, SEO
www.highdefgeek.com/write-for-us/ 36 Technology
www.techinexpert.com/contact-us/ 36 Technology, apps, computers
www.techrado.com/guest-post-write-for-us/ 34 Technology, internet, computers
vogatech.com/write-for-us-guest-post/ 28 Autos, mobile, gadgets
www.onlinershub.com/write-for-us/ 26 Web Design, tools, software
codersera.com/write-for-us 25 Technology, software engineering trends
www.techmistake.com/contact/ 24 Software, games
techmod.org/submit-a-guest-post-blog/ 23 Technology, gadgets, games, internet
www.thenewsify.com/write-for-us/ 19 Technology, Business, Digital Marketing
techgadjets.wordpress.com/write-for-techgadjets/ 16 Technology
www.theencrypt.com/write-for-us/ 6 Cyber Security, technology, programming
www.wetechfreaks.com/ 9 Mobile, apps, and games
www.techruth.com/write-for-us/ 21 Technology, gadgets, apps
www.futurewithtech.com/contact-us/ 54 Technology, software
www.guestarticlehouse.com/write-for-us/ 9 Technology, IT-related services

How to be the perfect guest blogger?

Guest posting sites is not easy to process of getting backlinks. You should work hard to get published on authoritative sites.

But, how to write a “perfect” guest post?

Step 1: Get to know the blog’s audience and content:

Step 2: Read the guidelines

Step 3: Pitch your post

Step 4: Draft an article

Step 5: Craft a perfect byline (bio)

Methods to find guest posting opportunities?

You can easily find which sites give opportunities for Guest Blogging Services or quality guest postings. And then Google will help you to find those sites.

There are some query strings that will help you to find guest posting blogs.

To help you out, here is a list of 10 popular strings:

Your Keyword “contribute”

Your Keyword “write for us”
Your Keyword “guest post”
Your Keyword “submit post”
Your Keyword “become an author”
Your Keyword “guest posting”
Your Keyword “submit an article”
Your Keyword “submit article”
Your Keyword “submit a tip”
Your Keyword “tip us”

All you need to do is to place your keyword.

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