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Top 10 Winning Instagram Post Design Ideas For Your Business

Instagram is a big hit; there’s no doubt about it. And when it comes to getting people to interact with your business or industry, it’s the best platform to think about.

Even a small, focused group on Instagram can be mighty when getting people to interact with them and do what you want them to do.

In this post, you’ll find many easy Instagram post ideas. This can surely help you decide what to post on Instagram. We have 9 easy Instagram ideas to help you get more followers and decide what to post. With this easy-to-use list, you won’t have to think of things to post on Instagram anymore.

There’s also a handy infographic that you can look at when you need some new ideas.

It is said that even if your content is less but if the visual representation is good, then you can gain more engagement. As the more it looks good, the more it attracts. For creating some of the best Instagram posts, you need to hire a Unique Instagram Post Designer for your firm.

With these creatives on your Instagram Profile, you can generate leads, and these leads can give sakes to your company.

Some stats of Instagram to look at:

Ideas for what to post on Instagram when you don’t know what to do

On Instagram, about 80% of users follow a business account, and about 1/3 of users use Instagram Stories. Many people are following stories, which makes it even more important to know that 1/3 of the most popular stories are made by businesses.

People interested in what your company does can often be found on Instagram. That it’s worth your time, right? But now comes the tricky part that often stumps the Instagram users in my group. What do we do and post on Instagram?

My friends, don’t wonder anymore. For marketers who aren’t sure what to put on Instagram, we’ve come up with 23 easy and creative ideas to help them figure it out. A fun infographic below with all of the Instagram post ideas you can use. The Instagram Post Ideas we have for you to use in your own business are here. Take a look below as we break them down.

1. Contests and freebies

Competition or giveaway will do the trick if you’re just getting started because everyone enjoys them. Gamifying your material may be an effective method of encouraging people to read it.

We can’t turn down an opportunity like this for the most part! In addition, competitions are a terrific method to encourage more people to participate with your social media profile. It will help you increase the number of individuals who view your products and services.

Wishpond is one of the applications that may assist you in creating contests. Furthermore, they create primary landing sites, lead capture forms, online forms, email marketing, and other services. They also do all of the above and more.

You can make the reward extremely interesting to your audience. Because you will attract the correct types of individuals to your contest if you do it this way. Additionally, it is critical to establish specific rules or criteria for your hosting game.

2. Holidays and other special occasions

Social media like Instagram is an excellent platform for sharing information related to holiday themes. It goes without saying that you may use this for your Instagram posts! Important events and holidays should be noted so that you may showcase them and come up with ideas for new blogs when the time comes.

You may celebrate Christmas and Easter, but you can also celebrate other holidays. Preserve a record of holidays that are unusual or out of the ordinary, regional festivals and activities in your area.

3. Experiment with other numbers.

The use of statistics and figures may also be utilized to build a story and provide many ideas for Instagram posts, among other things. The trick here is to make the most appealing to the eye while still engaging. In your caption, provide more context for the figures by including the history of expanding on your written tale.

You may also compose a more extended version of the narrative. They do an excellent job on their own, and the social media handlers do superior.

4. Stuff that appears to be artwork

This implies that if you haven’t seen a lot of writing and calligraphy on Instagram recently, it’s likely that you haven’t been looking at a lot of posts recently either. Instagram is a fantastic platform for accounts that display art that has been drawn or created by hand…

It is most likely that your account will do well if you can include some original, hand-made artwork. If you don’t have any hidden talents, you might want to consider collaborating with an influencer who does.

5. A special offer or a promotion

If you are ongoing a campaign for your product or selling anything, don’t forget to include a hashtag on Instagram as one of your Instagram post ideas. The more creative and visual you can be with it, the better off you will be in the long run.

If you have an excellent follower list of more than 10k on Instagram or if your account is verified, you can include the “Swipe Up” buttons in your Stories posts. More people will swipe over or click through on these links, which will lead them to more of your content.

6. Throwback

It is possible to generate money from throwback postings since they allow you to use hashtags such as #ThrowbackThursday and repurpose previous content. A brand’s Instagram account should have vintage footage or photographs that reflect the tale of the company’s history up to this point. This will demonstrate the company’s historical development and how it has changed over time.

7. Customers

When it comes to Instagram post ideas, it’s all about the consumer. Therefore this one is specifically for you. They are both effective methods of demonstrating how customers use your product or service. Customer testimonials and User Generated Content (UGC) are examples of how to do this.

Brands in the B2B and B2C sectors might benefit from using this material in their Instagram postings. The majority of us are interested in what other people think. We have faith in one another! If you have access to customer-generated content about your brand, this is a good thing to do.

Instagram is not as crucial as other platforms to encourage users to link away from Instagram (the best content is consumed on Instagram). But sometimes, you’ll want to redirect their attention to a website or blog post.

When you do your work, make an image or video visually appealing. Be sure to include some helpful information in the caption. Providing value on Instagram is one of the most effective strategies to inspire people to trust your post and visit your website for additional information. If you use this technique infrequently, your audience will respond more frequently to your call to action.

9. Recipes

If you haven’t been hiding in a distant jungle, you’ve probably seen the enormous popularity of “Taste” style recipe films – which are generally shot overhead. At the same time, the ingredients are mixed together (at quick speed) into something tasty.

If you want to make recipe videos or use this as an inspiration for Instagram post ideas, you don’t have to be a food blogger. If you have a food-related product, you may be able to include your element in a more giant dish.

Alternatively, you may select a special occasion to produce and share a recipe that was inspired. Consider making green macaroons for St. Patrick’s Day or something hot cross bun-inspired for Easter. Your Instagram followers will be able to relate to the seasonal (and delicious) stuff that you share with them. It’s time to shake things up!

10. Take on a challenge that you have been putting off

This might happen on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis. It is entirely up to you now how frequently you want to take on the challenge. This will need you to either hunt for pre-existing problems or build a new one that makes sense for your company to put into action.

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Because of the constantly changing Instagram algorithm, coming up with new post ideas may be challenging. We hope that these nine post ideas provided some inspiration for what you may do for your company’s blog.

Instagram now offers a diverse range of content kinds, including Stories, posts, and IGTV. Don’t get stuck in a single type because that’s what you’ve been doing for a while.

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