4 Ways to Piggyback Your Way To Online Business Success

Your business is not an island. And the tech world, internet world, they’re not islands either. Everything is interconnected to one another, a great system of systems that is impossible to comprehend fully.

Not being able to see the whole picture, however, doesn’t mean you can’t leverage the aspects that you can see. If you’ve got a business, then you’ll be able to use other parts of the picture to boost your business, by piggybacking on their popularity or influence and, by extension, raising the popularity of your business.

Below, we take a look at four ways you can use other companies and interests as a subtle way of advertising.

Ways to Piggyback


Don’t wait for everyone to start talking about your company! Get yourself involved in the conversation that everybody is having. How do you know what everyone else is talking about? Well, now, by using the internet.

If you’re on Twitter (and you should be), you’ll be able to see the most popular hashtags, which are a way of learning what the online world is talking about at that given moment. If you have something to say on one of those topics, then do so, and become part of the great conversation.

The Online World

There is a phenomenal capacity to get your business out into the online world, purely by using the existing online resources that already have a massive influence.

You have the option to promote a website on google; if you do, you’ll be toward the top of a website that receives somewhere in the region of two million searches per second.

That’s an amazingly powerful resource, and it’s available to you. Elsewhere, you can also promote your website in more detailed ways. For example, if you have a genuinely interesting business concept, then you could hold a Reddit AMA session.

Become the Influencer

You should have a blog on your website, but that’ll only take you so far. If you feel you have a lot to say, then why not take a look at writing blogs for larger websites and become an influencer? Many of the world’s leading websites accept guest posts.

You’ll have to be talking about more general aspects of the business (not just how amazing your business is), but there’ll be plenty of scopes to get your business name in there. The number of eyeballs who’ll see your post if it’s posted on, say, the Huffington Post, will be much more than just your website, and allows for a more subtle way of advertising.

Cultural Movements

When it comes to planning your marketing strategies, it’s always worth looking at them through the lens of wider cultural movements.

You want to be talking the language of your target demographic, and you can only do that if you’re watching, reading, and listening to the same things as they are. You can then incorporate this cultural capital into your videos, Facebook posts, website design, and so on.

It’s all good and well having your marketing ideas, but when it comes to online, it’s worth remembering that you have much more powerful resources at your disposal!

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