Your Blog Isn’t Just For Fun: It’s a Potential Business

There’s a long list of people who, once upon a time, proclaimed “I’m going to start a blog!” There’s a much smaller list of people who did then start a blog, a diminished list of those who kept it up, and then a tiny number of people who make money from their writings.

But here’s the thing: those people who earned money weren’t lucky or outrageously talented, they just treated their blog like it was a business. If you’re still blogging – or thinking about blogging – just for fun, it might be to get more serious.

blogging for money

Forget the Money

But first thing’s first: let’s forget the money. Nobody should start a blog with the sole intention to make money because it can be a long time coming.

Instead, start with passion, and passion alone. You’ll be able to scale up later on down the line, but in the meantime, you’ll need all the enthusiasm you can muster in order to perfect your website, write blogs, and slowly build your list of followers.

Solidify Your Core Fans

In the beginning, you should write about your experiences, unfiltered. That is, not with just one demographic in mind: you never know who will read your blog, so don’t waste your time targeting it only to one type of person! Over time, once you have a core group of readers, you can look at the analytics of your blog posts more closely.

Which posts worked well, and which didn’t? Understanding this will show what type of posts people like to read, and will guide you to finding a specific niche for your blog.

Make the Right Investments

Eventually, you’ll be able to scale up your blog and become a fully-fledged business. This will be a big step up, and will likely require a healthy investment to get things off the ground. If you don’t have the money available to you – or don’t want to use your own savings.

With cash behind you, you’ll be able to invest in advertisements on Google, Facebook, and the like, attend courses that show you how to make money through your websites, and buy the infrastructure that you need in order to do your job properly.

Branching Out

If all of the above goes well, then you’ll reach a point where you can make a full-time income – a handsome one at that – from your blog. This won’t be from your writing, necessarily, but the things that surround your writing, such as selling related products, publishing ebooks on your topic, or offering your expertise to individuals in return for payment.

Opportunities Abound

From there, it’s all about looking for new opportunities. Once you’ve made a name for yourself, you’ll find that new sources of revenue keep presenting themselves. So long as you keep the seed that got the ball rolling in the first place growing, you never know where your blog might take you. The internet is full of opportunities!

2 thoughts on “Your Blog Isn’t Just For Fun: It’s a Potential Business”

  1. Hello Tech Bytes,
    Correctly said by you Tech Bytes as we have to forget the money at the beginning of the blog first we have to concentrate on the content,

    As I saw in your blog you are having the huge amount of content good work bro keep on going.

  2. Its right. Blog is not just for posting and having fun, its a serious business if you follow the market principles. Thanks for the article.


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