Review: Toolkit For Facebook by PlugEx {Updated} – 2024

Toolkit for facebook

Toolkit For Facebook by PlugEx brings together more than 20 tasks that help simplify Facebook. Just for a quick overview, this tool offers a ton of research source functionality and it will take a few hours to fully understand everything!

Below, I provided a general description of all of the features of the Facebook toolkit. One tool that is truly distinguished from the rest is its Premium extraction tools. This is a Paid tool and should be valued at the full cost. You can get important information like phone numbers and email addresses from the Facebook ID’s. Currently, I’ve been using the premium features for around a week. It is undoubtedly remarkable, and I’ll devote more time and energy to it.

Facebook Social Toolkit offers the following:

(Free) Removal Tools

  1. Unfriend All Friends At Once.
  2. Remove All Facebook Groups
  3. Unlike All Facebook Pages At Once.
  4. Delete All Comments At Once.
  5. Cancel All Pending Friend Requests.
  6. Unfollow All Facebook Friends At Once.
  7. Remove Facebook Page Likes.
  8. Reject All Friend Requests At Once.
  9. Unfollow All Facebook Groups At Once.

 (Free) Facebook Tools

  1. Facebook ID Extractor.
  2. Invite Your Friends To Join Your Group.
  3. Send Multiple Friend Requests At Once.
  4. Suggest Your Friends To Another Friend
  5. Invite Your Friends To Like Your Page.
  6. Accept All Friend Requests At Once.
  7. Event Invitation Tool.
  8. Facebook Video Downloader.

(Paid) Premium Extraction Tools

Advanced Extraction Tool is an advanced automated tool for retrieving information about your Facebook Friends, Facebook Groups, and Facebook Pages. These tools are only available to Premium members. You must purchase a premium license key to use these tools.

Extract Facebook Page Fan IDs: This Facebook toolkit allows you to extract the IDs of your page fans. The extracted results can be used as targets in advertising campaigns.

Extract Group Email: Facebook allows you to post to any Facebook group using a group email. This facebook social toolkit allows you to create a group email list that can be used to send emails.

Fetch friends’ emails: Some Facebook friends don’t share their email addresses publicly. We may use Facebook email to contact you at your email address. Emails sent to their Facebook email address will be sent to their primary email inbox.

Extract Friend IDs: This Toolkit For Facebook allows you to create a list of Facebook friend IDs that can be saved in a CSV file and later used as a target group in a Facebook ad campaign.

Extract Group Member IDs: This FB toolkit allows you to create a list of Facebook group member IDs that can be used as target groups in Facebook advertising campaigns.

Extract emails from group members: This toolkit for FB allows you to get the email addresses of your Facebook friends to send emails to their Facebook email addresses. The extracted emails can be used as target groups in Facebook advertising campaigns or new lead lists.

Extract Facebook Friends Phone Numbers: This toolkit for Facebook allows you to collect the public phone numbers of your friends. Easily extract these numbers to create new lead lists.

Overall, this tool offers a variety of options. This review is a very basic overview. I hope to digest it all over the next month or so. I will write a follow-up post on anything I find. There’s more to come! #TalentSourcingMagic

Update from January 2023: The tool extension was removed in the Google Chrome store in 2019. However, you can still download the desktop version below. 

You can download the ToolKit for FB desktop Tool – January 2024 Update (here).

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