Invest In Your Investors

If you are the CEO of a technology business or have just started up a technology business, the chances are that you have secured – or thought of – approaching financial backers in the hopes of allowing your business more freedom and toleration to allowing you to put forward more processes, strategies, and plan that will enable your business to move forward (bigger offices, more employees, better technology).

Financial backers allow more choice in how to move your business forward and to gain an advantage in profits. However, it is always important to ask your investors first in whatever business decision you are thinking of.

They can advise you, in whether or not whatever it is you want to do is a good idea – or not a good idea. Invest In Your Investors

Difficult to Keep Face to Face Contact

In the case of running a technology business, it can sometimes be difficult to keep face to face contact with people who have invested or are thinking of investing, in your business.

It can be too easy nowadays to simply set up a video call or a phone call or even a long thread of email messages to keep in touch with the people who have faith in your business idea – and more importantly, faith in that you will succeed in your vision.

face to face to contact

Therefore, it is a good idea to keep in regular face to face to contact with the people who have backed you. A solid and consistent way of doing this is scheduling in, and booking, conference days or meeting days in a location where everyone can have access to.

You should be able to get access to Wi-Fi, a laptop, comfy seats, a large room and a projector with a screen and maybe a television (in the case the projector doesn’t work or you want to show old videos). 

When putting on these sort of days, you could think about asking an employee who has superior organizational skills to assist you in finding the right location, the right suite/rooms, and the correct equipment.

Comfortable For Invitees

Another important aspect of conference or meeting days is allowing your invitees to feel at home and comfortable. They shouldn’t feel uneasy or pressurized and should be allowed to voice their opinions whenever they feel fit. After all, they are funding your business venture.

To allow comfort, it’s important to out the little things in place, such as water, soft drinks, a rundown of what is intended for the day, and a buffet where invitees can help themselves. You could ask your employees to take a look at some Catering Software to help put this procedure in place.

Your business idea may have finally got off the ground, which you are obviously very happy about, but it is important to keep on top of what makes your business ticking along.

An important aspect of this is financial backers and investors who, without, you would not have possibly have had the opportunities in business that you see yourself in now. They fund you; you run the business; profits are gained.

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