Using Technology To Help Your Clients Feel Included

Help Your Clients

Never before has there been a period in history where a business can have such reactivity, ease of communication, and direct promotional availability for their clients.

We can thank technology for this. Not only does it improve our daily life and well being, but it’s a marker by which almost every avenue of our lives are starting to integrate with.

This has naturally helped consumers desire and require more from the companies they do business with. The purchasing power of a consumer these days buys more than just the product. The consumer expects to identify with your brand and be able to justify their purchase.

The best route to help them feel this is to include them in every promotion or mass communication you can. This list goes into the reasons behind that, and how to employ it.

Social Media

Consumers expect your business to have a profile on all of the major social networking websites. If you do, your business is reachable, open for discussion, and promotes a professional, modern thinking aura to surround it. Nowadays, customer support needn’t be limited to telephone-based communications.

Dedicated twitter support accounts, business instant messaging through Facebook Toolkit and Live Chat are ways for the modern consumer to try and reach out to you. It’s also a great way for you to assess how successful a campaign or product is.

Plus, if consumers see you reaching out to help solve the queries of those asking them, your business looks as though they care about the people who sustain them. This will help clients feel included and want to associate with your products.


Newsletters are a great, non-intrusive way for your clients to stay up to speed on promotions you might have. It’s also a great way for your business to promote discount codes.

If you ask for an email to sign up and get 20% off their first order, consumers are likely to do so, and the initial hit in sales revenue could be worth a massive promotion that you’ll embark on six months down the line. Once people are signed onto an emailing list, they tend to stay subscribed, so long as your emails aren’t too frequent, and are filled with quality content.

For the best results, consider using email newsletter templates available for free. This will give you a professional way of keeping your side of the communication tasteful and professional.


Discounts for repeat or return business are one of the best ways to ensure a client keeps coming back for more, especially if the discounts have an expiration date.

Loyalty cards also help with this, as points can sometimes be allocated over a long period of time to accumulate an item for free. It hurts your business relatively little to provide this, but it helps the consumer feel like they’ve been rewarded for simply doing their shopping in one place.

For larger, one-off purchases, selling accessories at a cheaper price after the main purchase is a brilliant way to capitalize on each customer.

However, with the absorption of technological trends, referral codes are the one to watch these days. Referral codes for your customer to bring a friend to your outlet, and rewarding them for it, is a brilliant way to double your exposure for a limited upfront cost.

In fact, doing this can actually be much cheaper than marketing, as a friend is more likely to trust the word of an associate than an advert.

Keep these tips in mind and increase your exposure and sales, with a net increase in consumer satisfaction and identification with your brand.

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