50+ Free Best Alternate to Paid Softwares

Best Alternate to Paid Softwares

50+ Free Alternatives to Paid Software

These are the 50+ free best alternatives to paid software for Windows and Mac.  Use these best free software instead of paid software to reap the benefits of these free programs.


These are some good alternatives to paid software for photography.

  • Shotwell: – Photo manager with a powerful organizational and RAW support feature (Linux)
  • Polarrgreatis – a alternate alternative to Adobe Lightroom. (Web)
  • :RawTherapee – Fully solutions for all your RAW needs. (Windows, Mac)
  • Picasa,editor,a – Google photo organizer and editor is actually great. (Everywhere)
  • Irfanview is a lightweight image viewer and editor with a batch processing capabilities.

Image Editing

These are some excellent free best alternatives to paid image editing software.

  • GIMPis – one more Photoshop alternative. (Linux, Mac)
  • Pixlr:fully a Fully useful alternative to Adobe Photoshop. (Mac, Web, Windows)
  • Paint.net: GIMP for Windows (Windows)
  • Seashore: Basic image editing with layers, gradients, textures, and more. (Mac)
  • Pinta—Anadditional – Additional great illustrator alternate. (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • InkScapeis – a professional vector graphic editor that replaces Adobe Illustrator (Linux, Windows, Mac).
  • Canva: Make design ridiculously easy with templates for infographics, newsletters, banners, and more. (Freemium, web, iPad)
  • Photoscapeis – easy and fun photo editing software. (Mac, Windows)
  • Pixlr-o-Matic: An app with fun, quick, and simple effects that is a joy to use (Web, Mac, Windows, Chrome, iOS, and Android)


These are some good best alternatives to paid softwares for editing.

  • Mirovideo converter is a convertor that converts almost every video format.
  • OpenShot and an is a complete feature video editor, alternate to Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro. (Linux)
  • Blender is a powerful video and animation editor with an exhaustive documentation.
  • Handbrakeor is an essential tool that compresses and converts any audio , video format (Linux, Windows, Mac).


Playback & Entertainment

  • Mirois – just like the VLC, with a beautiful interface. (Linux, Windows, Mac)
  • VLC,loves is an amazing video editor; everyone love this software. Superfast and plays every video format, it has many hidden features – from video format compression to streaming podcasts. (Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS)
  • Pluto TV: Forget cable and Netflix; Pluto TV is your best friend. With over one hundred channels, from Cats 24/7 to Science to Baseball, Pluto TV combines the variety of web contents with the lean-back experiences of TV. (Everywhere)


Productivity Tools

  • Pocket: You find good articles but don’t have time to read them. So add it to Pocket Software with a click and read it later. (Everywhere)
  • Wunderlist is the best task-management app ever, period. (Everywhere)
  • OneNote: Microsoft’s free, powerful notes manager (Mac/Windows/Android/IOS)
  • Trello: This project management software supercharges your productivity (Web, Android, iOS, Windows 8).
  • Evernote: Remember every note. So Evernote is your personal everything manager. (Everywhere)
  • Sunrise Calendar: attractively designed with several integrations (including Google Calendar and Evernote). (Android, Mac, iOS)


These are the most popular messaging apps that you should consider.

  • Slack: Say goodbye to the email. Slack is a one-stop solution for all your messaging needs in and out of the workplace.
  • Telegram: An alternative to WhatsApp (Windows Phone, Android, iOS)
  • Pidgin—it’s a “universal chat client’. Work with everyone everywhere from IRC to Google Talk.
  • Skype: free audio and video calling.
  • Viber: An alternative to Skype

Office Software

  • LibreOffice: a downloadable alternative to Microsoft Office and Google Docs (Linux, Windows, Mac)
  • Google Docs is a fully-featured alternative to Microsoft Office in the cloud. Say goodbye to lost, unsaved documents and crashes. (Web)
  • Foxit PDF Reader is a great alternative to Adobe Acrobat Pro. Creates, converts, and edits PDFs. (Linux, Windows)
  • Atom.io is a hackable text editor from our friend at Github. (Linux, Windows, Mac)


  • fooBar is my favorite personal music player ever. Don’t be fooled by not-so-pretty interfaces. Foobar is the most lightweight, fastest, and customizable music player available on the internet. (Windows)
  • Audacity: creates, records, edits, and remixes your music. It will be your personal home studio. (Linux, Windows, Mac)
  • Spotify is a free music streaming service with advertisements.(Everywhere)
  • Radio.com: on-demand streaming and radio, available in more countries than Pandora and Spotify
  • Pandora is just like Spotify for radio.


  • Flux is amazing software to protect your eyes that automatically adjusts screen brightness according to the time of day. (Linux, Windows, Mac)
  • Ccleaner is the best tool to clean your PC ever; it manages startup programs and cleans your computer of junk files. (Android, Windows, Mac)
  • Dashlane is the best password manager ever made and an even better alternative to many paid software and extensions. And nothing is stored in the cloud, and everything is encrypted—the best part is that it’s all cross-platform. (Android, Windows, Mac, iOS)
  • BetterTouchTool—It will change your life. Open apps, close tabs, delete files, dock windows—all without lifting a finger from the touchpad. And if you had to install only one app for your Mac, let it be this one. (Mac)
  • TreeSize: This software scans your PC and visualizes exactly which and where apps are using up your disk space. (Windows)
  • 7-Zip: It will zip and unzip software, and that is completely free. There are no trial periods. (Windows)
  • Calibre: It’s a complete e-book manager, reader, and converter reader. (Linux, Windows, Mac)
  • App Cleaner: Fully uninstall apps and hidden files with one click (Mac)
  • Rainmeter is fully customized and transforms your desktop with new skins, weather forecasts, quotes, an apps launcher, and more. (Windows).
  • Dropbox: The Important File Backup Solution (Everywhere)
  • FileZilla: For the FTP client software. (Mac, Windows)
  • Memory Clean: Keep your RAM under control with one click. (Mac)
  • Jing: Captures screencasts or screenshots and shares them. (Mac, Windows)

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