How long do opiates stay in your system?

There are many people who often wonder how long does a drug stays in their system or in their blood. On average, almost all drugs stay in the system for at least four to six days.

The symptoms of those drugs however may last even longer depending on the drug and the dosage. It is why even after some time the test which patients take still gives positive results. There are several factors that also play an important part in getting rid of the drug form the system, such as drinking water, diet, exercise, etc.

One of the drugs is opiates. Do many people want to know how long do opiates stay in your body? “Opiates” is not a single drug, but a variety of drugs which are derived from the plant called the opium poppy. There are drugs such as codeine, hydrocodone, heroin, morphine, opium which are derived from this plant.

All these drugs are opiates. Here is a detail of how long do opiates stay in your blood and the best way to flush opiates out of your system.

How long do opiates stay in your system

How long do opiates remain in your system?

Those drugs which get into the bloodstream take a little longer to come out of the system and tend to last longer in the body. As the opiates have a tendency of being soluble in fats, as a result, these drugs get collected in the fat cells which in turn are absorbed by the blood.

These drugs also enter the brain via the bloodstream and affect it. It is why these drugs are known as narcotics. These are only prescribed in very little portions in combination with other drugs for treatment. Do many people often want to know how long do opiates stay in your urine for a drug test? Usually, these drugs last at least two to five days in the urine.

Following is a detail of how long do these drugs last in the system. The tests that give details on how long do these drugs remain in the system are, saliva test, blood test, urine test, and the hair test.

The Opium

The Opium


Opium is the drug which is derived directly from the plant. It will remain in the blood for at least six hours. It remains in the body and keeps coming out of the urine for four days. It remains in the saliva for four days max.



The Heroin

How long do opiates stay in your system

It is one of the most deadly opiates and is a pure narcotic. It thus remains the longest in the body. The heroin lasts for at least five hours in the saliva. It remains in the blood for at least six hours; it stays in the system and will get detected in the urine test for up to seven days. The hair test shows that the heroin remains in the body for three months. If a person takes various tests the results will be positive. Although the urine test gives positive results for seven days, it can last longer too up to 14 days.

The Codeine


It is a form of opiates which is prepared as a tablet or a capsule. Doctors often prescribe it for pain relief. It is one of the effective opiates but also gets out of the system quickly. It remains in the system for at least for days at most. This time period is detected by the saliva test. The urine test will not detect this drug in the system after two days. It also gives a negative result after one day if a person takes a blood test for this drug. The hair test is similar; it will detect the codeine in the hair for at least 90 days.

The Oxycodone


It is also another excellent and effective opiate for pain relief. The time it remains in the system also depends on the dosage. It is important to know how long does 5mg Oxycodone stay in your system? The urine test will give a positive result for at least 4 days. The saliva will give a positive result for Oxycodone for two days.

Factors that affect the opiates detection time in various tests

There are several factors that play an important role in the detection of the above-mentioned opiates in the body. These factors are:

  • Metabolism rate: If the metabolism rate is slow the drugs will remain longer in the system.
  • Overall health: Good health ensures quick excretion of the opiates.
  • Age: The rate of opiates withdrawal from the system depends on the age. Opiates last for less time in the system of young people as compared to old people.
  • Weight and size: Increased weight and body size mean the opiates will remain in the system longer.
  • Dosage and frequency: If the amount of frequency of the drugs is more, then the drugs will remain for a long time in the body.

Factors that affect the opiates detection time

How to get opiates out of the system?

What is the fastest way to get opiates out of my system? Here is how a person can get rid of these drugs from the body quickly.

Anyone who is taking the opiates in any form can get rid of the drugs quickly by drinking a lot of water. The person who drinks at least double the average amount of water (16 glasses) can get rid of the opiates in half the time as compared to its normal withdrawal rate.

The reason is that the more water a person drinks will allow him to urinate more. The drugs always pass out from urine. Another way that a person can use to get rid of opiates is by doing some heavy exercise. Exercise increases the rate of metabolism. Better metabolism always results in the quicker withdrawal of drugs from the system.

So, if anyone is wondering how long do opiates stay in your body? They need to take some tests. The average time during which the opiates stay in the system is given above. This time period is provided by experts and is a result of medical tests.

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