SEO Trends That Are Going To Dominate

The fact is your business needs to incorporate SEO if it wants to be successful in 2016. Almost every business in the world understands that fact. Yet, lots of them still fail when it comes to search engine optimization. Why? The main reason your business can fail is because you can’t keep up with the latest trends. Just like every other fad, there are evolutions that you need to adapt to if you want the best results. With regards to SEO, these are the ones you need to know for 2016.

Mobile Optimization Over Desktop Optimization

For the past couple of decades, SEO centered on desktop optimization, which made a lot of sense. After all, more people used their desktop to surf the web than any other device. However, that is rapidly starting to change as mobile technology is dominating the landscape. Nowadays, millions of people browse the Internet on their phones or their tablets, and you need to react to that fact. Optimizing search engine optimization for mobile devices is a must if you want to boost your ROI in 2016. And, it will continue well into the future.


Video Content Will Overtake Written Content

What? Written content is the staple of search engine optimization. Yes, you’re right – written content is the preferred format for most businesses. Still, all good things come to an end, and the time of written content is on the wane. If you think about it, it has been slowly happening for years. Not only does YouTube get hundreds of millions of views, but apps like Snap chat are popular. Thanks to this shift, video content will begin to improve reach and effectiveness among other things. And, it will all start to happen in 2016.

A New Set Of Keywords Will Evolve

A New Set Of Keywords Will Evolve

At the moment, searches are pretty similar due to the format of searching. You go to your favorite search engine (Google) and physically type in what you want to know. As a result, the search engines have a format they use to respond. But, with new spoken technology like Siri and Cortana, that is all about to change. Instead of typing, you may prefer to speak your search. Speech is a lot different from typing, and that is bound to change the mechanics of SEO. As someone that is trying to exploit it, you may have to use lengthy, speech like text within your content.

Social Media Will Carry More Weight

Google has been trying to index social media content for a very long time. And, finally, there are deals in place with the big social media giants. The effect is going to blur the lines even more as social media posts will become almost as effective as a web page. In simple terms, you should put more emphasis on social media as more platforms get involved.

If you don’t already, it’s time to incorporate these tactics into your SEO strategy.

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