Pocket Fold Portable Trending Best Selfie Drone

Pocket Fold Portable Trending Best Selfie Drone

It is small, extremely portable and takes some great selfies. A great recipe for a great drone. However, one thing would prevent some people for buying on, the price. At almost $400, it is not cheap and if you only want a simple toy for selfies, the Dobby can be pricey.

Priced at about $70 the time of writing this article is a simpler cheaper copy of the Dobby Selfie Drone. Of course, at this price point you can expect the Elfie drone to lack the advanced features of the more expensive selfie drones, and it is true. 

It does not have GPS nor does it have a gimbals or an adjustable camera, it even uses brushed motors. All of this of course to cut down the cost.

Even the camera has had its share of price cuts, unlike the Dobby Drone, the Elfie does not have a 4K video camera and is only limited to a resolution of 0.3 MP.

So is it a bad drone?

Hell no!

Despite all the not so good points mentioned above this is a great little drone that does have a lot of good things going for it, for a start it is very easy to control using your smartphone or tablet, it also has a headless mode which in this case is a very good addition because of its target market. And the standard feature of every selfie drone it can automatically hover midair so you can take that great selfie shot.

More advanced features include what they call a “G-sensor” mode which is basically a follow me mode that uses simpler technology to follow you around rather than photo and facial recognition found in the more advanced selfie drones.

As mentioned earlier, the Drone is controlled using your smartphone over a WiFi connection. Its flight time is about 10 minutes or less, which is typical of small drones and needs about 45 minutes to fully charge.

In conclusion, it is fun and it does what it was built to do…cheaply. What else can you ask for?!

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