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Higher Relevances. Less Duplications. Better Rankings.

Contents Mania will helps you to takes your articles writing to an entirely new levels, focused on higher SERPS for the futures. Turns your PLR Contents into a traffics pulling goldmines by rewriting multiples version of the same contents and feel the confidence they’re not only uniques but dead on targets for your niches market!

Tons of PLR or Public Domains Contents that we need to rewrites to make it uniquely our own, so we can submit an article to the directory or publish it on our sites. The hard part is always coming up with something uniques enough to avoid being penalized or sandbox by the search engine.

You may even have tried a simple trick like rearranging paragraphs, swapping out verbs, nouns, and adjectives with synonyms, or even investing in one of the endless varieties of articles spinner on the market and find you still basically spin nothing more than your wheel.

While great strides have been made in AI and linguistics, nothing yet has been developed that can compete with the human brain. Compounding the issue around the qualities of spinner and contents writer is that they all focus on individual word and sentence and how they appear to a human reader. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

Contents Mania Feature:

  • Bulk Compares Multiple Articles
  • Creates and Save Contents Projects
  • Contextual Relevances
  • Metrics{HOT}
  • Syntactical Resemblances
  • Paragraph Counts
  • Weighing Accuracy
  • Sentences Counts
  • Characters Count
  • Words Counts
  • Share Project for Collaborations
  • Exports to Text and RTF File Format

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