Top 10 Windows 7 Amazing Tips

Top 10 Windows 7 Amazing Tips

Have you ever wonder, just how some really get, what seem like, full uses of their computers?  Sure we all play Minesweepers  and wrote the occasional Words document when we first start out using computer.  Nowadays computer are a regular parts of everyday life.  From playing game to communicating with our friends and family half ways around the globes. Computer are really useful tool, but, all tool can be use in different way. Here’s a quick top 10 count down on few tips and info that’ll make your life very easier in Windows 7. We’ll count down from the 10.


To gives you complete controls over all the configurables option in Windows at a single press of a button just simply creates a new folder anywhere and rename it like: GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} so The folder you just created will now have 270 item that are to do with configurable option in Windows 7. Interestingly it also work for Windows 8.1 as well.


Windows 7 have a Microsoft Virtual Wi-Fi Miniports adapters located in your networks connection. You can also use this for making your laptop works as a Wi-Fi hotspots.


Calculator is great for standards mathematic, but what if you needs a to shake thingss up a little in the science depts? If you click the view menus, you will see that the calculators comes equippe  with a number of powerful built-in feature; unit conversion, mortgage spreadsheet, date calculation and fuel mileages, etc. Not so standards now, are you?


If your computers are being a little stranges or if it isn’t doing something it should, or for that matters, are doing something that it shouldn’t then search for ‘reliability’ from Start menu and opens the ‘View reliability history’. This will displays a graphs of the system stability indexes with the scales 1-10 for a certains periods of day or week. This should allows you to figures out which programs or Windows components is not working as it should.


If you needs to remote assistance but the remote access not working, just search and run for  “psr” from the Start menu. When you hit on the “Start Records” option, the features starts recording all the activity by an arrays of screenshot while adding automatic caption. When you end recordings, all the record data is combined together and then save as a web browser-compatibles with MHTML (MIME HTML) file which is kindly pre-zipp and ready to be attach to an email for you to sends to your helpers.


From the Start menu, navigates to CMD and types the followings:

powercfg –energy

This will then scan your systems for 60 second, then a file name having energy-report.html will be create in \windows\system32 folder. Just copy this somewhere else before opening this, like your desktop, and it will reveals which setting or devices are zapping powers.


WordPads can now open in ODT or DOCX files. only downside is that it doesn’t works great with all in format docs.


When we delete something from the Window, space they keep label as “available for use.” But, that deleted file is still restorable if you use some softwares until they overwritten with more data. To resolves this, simply, open your Command Prompt and type this:

cipher /w:Z

Replaces Z with the letter of the drive/partition you want to erase. Be patient, it will take some time.


To do this, just holds onto the Windows keys and press left or right arrows and your active windows will then be anchore in that directions. This happen on every monitors that you have and if you uses Windows + Shift +Left/Right Arrows key, the active windows will jump to the second monitors.


Program can be pin to the task bar and are useful , right? This is how you keep the folders. Just drag a folders to the empty spaces on the Taskbar and then releases the button once the “Pin to Windows Explorers” pop up. So every time when you right clicks on Windows Explorers button, you will get access to the folders via Jump Lists.

So  Enjoy with these tips. We will come back with interesting tips..

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