PointerStick Portable – A Windows Pointer


PointerStick is the portable tool that present on a Windows Desktop the virtual pointer stick, for example for the Presentations to highlights the current mouse positions and the emphasis on a  presenting will be better. its very useful in presentations and its also called presentation pointer stick.

The use of virtual pointer stick is the ideal for a projectors (Beamer) and a larger LED/LCD screens.

# Features:
# Very Small Program
# Low CPU usage
# Adjustable sizes of Pointer Stick
# Several Pointing-Sticks textures (bitmap)
# Optional alpha transparency
# Optional deactivation by mouse or keyboards input
# Optional translation features
# Portables
# Multilinguals

You can just try this freeware tool, if it did’t satisfied , you can delete this simple software quickly. ” Pointer Stick ” does’t have to be installed and this can be executed easily from your desktop.

# Employment!
all windows versions

PointerStick Portable – A Windows Pointer



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