How To Secure WordPress Site: A Video Tutorial

How To Secure WordPress Site: a Video Tutorial

How To Secure WordPress Site: A Video Tutorial, Secure your WordPress Site From Hackers. WordPress security is the serious issue and you have to need secure your WordPress to protect your sites. Learn complete a secure installation of a WordPress, and what security plugins you should be use and how to make a important WordPress configurations change to bullet-proof your sites from hacks. Also you’ll learn how to safe and securely backup & restores your WordPress sites in less than 5 minute. And If you don’t have security measures on your sites, then you need to work on this serious issue today!

 You Will Learn in Video Tutorials


  • Active Secures WordPress Installations
  • WordPress Secure Configurations
  • Secure FTPs for WordPress
  • Secure WordPress Ads
  • WordPress Secure Password
  • Secure WordPress Cleanups
  • Secure WordPress Databases
  • Secure WordPress Config Files
  • WordPress Security Plugin
  • WordPress Backup and Restores
  • Prevent Brute Forces Attack


How To Secure WordPress Site


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