GScraper PRO Full Download Free

GScraper PRO Full Download Free

The most powerful scrapers and posters for your links building arsenal!


GScraper is a fastest and most accurate Google scrapers on Earth. We have confident of this that we are willing to lets you try it out for the free. These feature will blows your mind!

With a average setups, Gscraper can harvests URL at a speed of about 5 URLs per seconds per threads. Thats mean in single second each thread get a fresh proxy, parse the Google SERP , extract the URL which match your footprints and save them into simple text files. Whoa, that’s fast! There is no limitations on the numbers of thread either. Gscraper is optimized to works with large numbers of thread. So with 300 thread, you will probably have about 90,000 URL/minute. A computer with high speeds connections can easily go over 100,000 URLs scrap per minutes. Not to mentions a VPS! We achieve number like this regularly when we scrapes for our own project.

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GScraper PRO Full Download Free




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