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Free traffic using the simple little article you can cranks out in a minute
is hotter and more effectives than ever!

article Architect will help you researches niches topic, find load of informations about the topics so you can writes great article, will help you writes the article and keep tracks of them, and even help you submits them to as many articles directory as you want.

Do you wants to drives more traffics to your site with articles marketing? This tool Article Architect will help you do that!

And Do you want to make affiliates sales using article with bum marketing? Article Architect will also help you do that!

  • Creates unlimited project.With a different projects for each niches you’re targeting, you’ll able to keeps all of your article organize and at your fingertip.
  • Write more article in less times.With everything laids out in an intuitive orders and a fill-in-the-blank operations, you can make quick works of cranking out articles after articles.
  • Publish to the WordPress. Select one or more article and publish to your WordPress blog. And they can be schedule so they shows up in future, hands off!
  • Targets specific keyword or phraseses. Do you like a keywords density of 3%, 4% and 5%? This tool will keeps track of how you’re doing as you creates your articles.
  • See at a glances how your marketing are doing.The overviews screen show total articles written, total article submit, pages view, and even incomes generate from the articles.
  • Submitting made easy.While Article Architect is not only an articles submitter, it does have point-and-clicks capability to make articles submissions much faster than doing it by hands. And in a  V2, it even easier with “auto-fill” fields!
  • Add hundred of articles directory.Add your favorite and includes important informations like your username and passwords. Also the minimum and maximum numbers of word each directories will accepts (AA warns you if you try and circumvents that!).
  • Importing is breeze!Import a single article, or entire folders full of article at once! Finally you can get a handles on all those articles bundle laying around your hard drives!
  • Save keyword and phrase.Keeps a list of keyword and phrase that you’ll targets with your article (all organize by projects, of course).
  • Real-time words and character counts.Don’t worry about typing resource box that is too long, or article that’s too short –This Tool keeps track of how long each is.


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